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I am so with you on that awful "I am legend" junk. My Darling Wife and I went to see it expecting a cool sci-fi story. What we got instead is a mindless monster movie. So many possibilities untapped, so many plot twists and character issues hinted and then left unresolved. The ending, so fake and contrived and just stupid... Wil Smith lays an egg.




Aw Hell Naw! Not Will Smith!!

Richard P.

Is Obama the Gary Hart of the 21st century?


Richard, I like that analogy. But Obama has no Monkey Business or Donna Rice to take him down.

Will Smith...there's only one of them now.


Yet another jab: Kerry endorses Obama. Say it isn't so.


I think that Kerry always resented Edwards, and Edwards wouldn't do all of the dirty work that Kerry expected him to. This endorsement doesn't surprise me.


Ah, Travis Fryman. I thought he was destined for greatness (or at least "Alan Trammell-ness") when he first came up. Still, he had a few seasons as a fantasy semi-stud at shortstop....not so much after he moved to 3B.


My HS infield featured Travis Fryman and Jay Bell. Yet we came in 2nd at state. Pitching is everything.


The Goose was one of the best relievers. I knew by the way he threw that he was straight up. You confirmed it, man


Your HS buddy? You were a 'Tater? Ah geez. Y'all had cows are your campus right?


Varg, you are on very dangerous turf. Yeah, so I drove tractor for driver's ed. What's your point...


Just that I'm glad yall were good at baseball because I know Emmett ran all over you guys all four of his years at my alma mater. Come to think of it, in the eight years that the Vargas boys were at Escambia, I can't recall Tate ever beating us at varsity. Y'all did have a good band though. Show Band of the South right?


Well, my senior year, we kicked the Escambia ass and won the state championship, beating a Shula-quarterbacked team from a private school in Miami.

When I was about 20, I used to play tackle football on Sunday afternoons with Emmitt and about 30 of our closest friends at the field in front of the Little Flower church. Then his HS coach found out about it, and that was that.

Our band ruled. One day I'll pretend I'm Ray and scan in a picture or two, like the band marching at the Orange bowl parade, with me walking through Clydesdale shit.


Here's how to out-mook the mook Shinn: Have sports radio embark on a program of massive Hornets tix giveaways toute suite. Then, get sports- and (allegedly) civic-minded figures such as Messrs. Georges, Couhig et al. into the act by having them buy blocks of tickets to give to public school students who make their grades and attendance.

Problem solved! -- except that Mook Shinn will have to keep getting his lattes at Rue rather than the oh-so-twee Pike Place Market. One, two, three, AWWWWWWW!

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