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Cool, I'll be watching. It repeats 10 times so the Lundi Gras airing is for us Northeners.


Man, I just watched a couple of those episodes when they were doing a marathon or something, and I really liked it. I figured his schtick was canned, but he seems like the real deal. I don't eat meat, so he probably wouldn't like me, but I really enjoy watching his show. I just hope he hit the right joints. Can't wait to check it out.


Why are they ALWAYS from Texas?


Texas is big and therefore has room to raise all these fuckmook assholes. They have special breeding farms. Thousands and thousands of acres.

a person from texas

god.. you guys are assholes not us

a person from texas

god.. you guys are assholes not us


Nice talk, mookie. And you aren't just from texas, you're from houston. THANKS HOUSTON.


Alas, they're ALWAYS from Texas.

We drove across Texas on our way to New Mexico last month, and I was horrified by the overall level of douchiness.

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