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I hearby publicly commit to buying a season ticket and giving it to a kids charity if Mr. Shinn will pull off this win /win p.r. wetdream. There are no losers in this concept.

Please keep pushing it. Hell you might one day be known as the man who saved the Hornets

Mr. Clio

This idea will be aired in relevant settings soon, I assure you.


just checked the hornets site. season tickets only come in pairs.

i change my challange to two season tickets for kids charitys.

if this gets any traction i think you should take the next step in getting others to buy season tickets for charity .


[via TrueHoop] Some Sonics fans are planning some kind of protest in NOLA at the All-Star game to object to their team possibly moving to OKC. Isn't Shinn talking about moving to Seattle? Maybe there is some kind of opportunity here to work with the Seattle fans on a kind of joint effort. Like a sports fan summit in NOLA. You could invite Rep. Earl Blumenauer of Oregon who has introduced legislation (Give Fans a Chance Act, HR 590) in Congress to force leagues to allow cities to own their own sports franchise and allow the communities to make an offer when teams want to leave town (I guess via an arbiter).


I think it is a great idea to hold at *least* one game per year in the Superdome. I also urge anybody who may even have a fleeting curiosity about basketball to go support the Hornets. We have a damn good, championship caliber, team.

I also believe that we will be OK and that George Shinn truly does not want to move the team, and that he will work hard to keep the team in New Orleans - hell, he is only asking us to be a bottom-rate NBA fan base. If we average what he is asking us to average, we will still have one of the lowest attendance averages in the NBA. I think what he is asking is extremely reasonable - and doable. LET'S GET BUZZIN!!

...on a more somber note - the person we need to be watching is slick-ass, money grubbing-ass, punk-ass Tom Benson. He is a thief in the night and I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. We have a season ticket waiting list, and have supported his team through thick and (mostly) thin - for him to even almost open his mouth and even hint at leaving is an insult. I hate him, and have NO respect for him.


The Celtics visit NOLA on Saturday March 22nd, 2008. I'll bet the Hornets could sell out that game, a TV network could get a big audience, and everyone would be happy as a pig in a bank. No event at the Superdome on 3/22 that I can see...


Joe, I think that Shinn hasn't said word one about moving to Seattle. I've mentioned it, because it seems like the kind of stuff he'd do, based upon his past actions.

Let's do this. Let's make it happen. Call in those local Sports talk shows.


Yes Yes, Great idea. Not that I know you personally at all, but I'm surprised Ashley Morris doesn't already own season tickets. You get on board and then more will follow (probably...right?).

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