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Yeah, the joke Hicks used to make was that he was going to quit smoking just to see if Leary would quit too. But the guy is a Red Sox fan and die-hard NOFD benefactor, so he's one of the good ones now, I don't care what anybody says.

I didn't have much of an opinion about Brad Pitt either until the last few months but he's also on my good egg list.

Mr. Clio

NOFD kicks butt. I've seen two major fires in the past year or so, and I cannot believe how quickly they move and get things under control.

Plus, NOLA has to be a nightmare for firefighters compared to other cities. Thousands of wooden homes, many of them four or five feet from their neighbors. Cheesh.


Not a huge Leary fan, but he's always been a big supporter of firefighters, also in Boston and NYC. I think he's got a foundation.


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You speak the truth and its exponentially worse when your go to film shcool. Nine times out of 10 (is that journalistically correct? Spell out the numbers from one to nine and then the rest are numerical?) we are film lovers before filmmakers and as we grow and learn all the magic is lost. As we planned, we are the ones making the magic in the end, but there is no magic left to us. Most of my conversation about Avatar were about the technical end of things, how it was done, why it was done that way, each little imperfection . no kicking back and being dazzled by pretty colours in 3D. Very quickly we go from WHOA! to That was cool, I guess . What's even worse is rewatching films we loved as children. I probably could have continued to ignore the dated FX in Independence Day but film shcool would not allow it! Its the sacrifice we make as aspiring filmmakers. and sorry I ruined it for you. ;)

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