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My daughter just turned to me and said, "Hey, mommy, you could have left us kids at grammy's while you and dad went to the parade.

Ah. So I could have. Dammit. Why didn't she think of that earlier?


Yippeee - so psyched that the blogosphere is behind the krewe du vieux shannanigans - I will be there with a gaggle of friends, drinking rum punch and weathering the cold!!!

NOLA has been hitting me hard and bad lately so I am psyched to have some fun and positive juju in this city and banish the bad ... hopefully...

Have a great time!!!

R. Eustis

Y'all were MUCH fun last night. Now I feel that carnival season has started for real...

Richard P.

The new route was great, allowing all of us die-hard fans to catch the parade multiple times.


I'm a dweeb. I forgot that Mark Folse (wet bank guide), Bec (NO Slate) and Karen Gadbois (Squandered Heritage) were parading, and Ray (Ray in NOLA) was a butch security guard.

I ran into G-Bitch, Mr Clio, plenty of Rollergirz, Liprap, Howie Luvzus, AJ and his posse, and a legion of others.

I missed Varg, Alan, and legions of others.

It was fun, it was cold, and it was cold. If I missed your name, it's because I suck. Sorry. ;^)


"Suck" needs to be wiped from your vocabulary as anything other than a verb. Good to see ya out in the cold.


You forgot that Folse was in KdV?! Ay caramba!

This whole subkrewe rivalry thing would be a major issue I'd have to deal with if I ever did come back (joining KdV itself would, obviously, be a no-brainer).

Perhaps, in order to maintain neutrality, I might go with one of the other fifteen, so as not to offend either of you (remember, I knew him first!)

I should have such problems (sigh)...


I was there, and it was great. How do I go about joining? I'd love to get in on it for next year.


Pix coming up soon.

KamaAina, I think the subkrewe rivalry simply consists of a) penis laden floats v. non-penis laden floats; b) why can't anybody come up with a throw as good as Krewe du Jieux/Mishigas' bagel (although Mama Roux came close with the jello shots and whipped cream; c) "damn. You gots the Hot 8. Can we trade brass bands?"; d) "how come you guys get to be up front?" That's about it. There's not much rivalry as I see it. The reason I forgot Folse is because he's not in my crew, and I didn't see him at the den working on his float. And, I'm old and my memory is as short as my penis.

Alli, to get into a krewe, you need to talk to somebody, preferably somebody with pull, in a sub-krewe. We had 50 in our sub-krewe this year, and that's probably about our cap.

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