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cool vid. thanks for the props.

please donate to the dineral shavers education fund to continue the funk on a tuba in the street thing.

o.k. now that i got in my p.s.a. and i meant it,

can i bitch about how the hornets are kicking ass and the espn guys are wringing their hands ?

what a bunch of douche bags (t .m. Gloomy

i mean these guys are playing solid ball and it's almost halfway threw the season and the guy's announcing the game who will probably make more tonight in a game than i make in a year are saying stuff that would make a retarded person scratch their head and say w.t.f.

i'm just saying. the national analysis on anything is askew.

good night and god bless.

p.s whichever blogger suggested doing a few games in the dome to get george shin's nut on the new contract is a fucking genius.

i can't remember which blog i read it on
but the fact that a blogger suggested something that makes a perfect solution to a problem shows how little leadership this town has.

dig in yall and and pray for a feilkow / honre co-mayorship in 2010

it's loin girding time yall.


now that there is 12 seconds left and the hornets are up 26 points the douches (t.m. gloomy just gave us a 30 second national t.v. props about our food and culture.

my bad.

thank you sir . may i have another crumb?


hey . chatty cathy here.

as much as i hate the msm's depiction of us at least espn has that old deadhead and former celtic bill walton talking crazy batshit good about us and ol' cp3

whoops my bad now he's dogging our bench.

damn i used to like that guy.

it's messed up when an old deadhead dogs your ass with a win and one of the best records in the n.b.a.

shit bill i used to look up to you.


Games in da dome? Dat would be my suggestion, rat cheer:

I'm buying a 10 game pack next week.


shit. i be lame.

other than the ash wednesday anti crime march this would be the greatest thing in the world.

prof. lead us.

the only thing this city is lacking to kick ass is leadership.


seriously. i read and care and work to much.

i still think the best leadership is coming from out side city hall.

mea culpa for the hornets dome faux paux.

honre' 2010 brah


lord. drunk commenting in blogs.

what da hell?

i meant to say the only thing this city is lacking is leadership.

there are so many ideas expressed on these nola blogs that our elected leaders could pick up and run with.

hey i can dream.

take care cuzan.


Joe, next round's on me.


i am from new i am from new orleans, freidea the dick eater is the from home, i personally love ja vockah redu and the man of home is gotti boi ya heard me, i love our local bounce, i am a 36yr old gay black woman rep'n dat 5, 4 lower 9th ward 4 sho do ur thang freidea ya heard me.

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