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Obama shall wash out. The demon to confront is Hillary.

Hillary and Obama are competing for votes.

Edwards stands for something. I will still support him. Obama and Hil will prove to be nothing but a cover for the Status Quo.

I stand for change.

Edwards in '08.


Howie Luvzus

I'm with you two on the Edwards thing. He's really the only "change" candidate. Unfortunately, that's why he won't win.

Why do my candidates always lose?


Honore would have killed in New Orleans, I'm not so sure about the Northern part of the state.


yeahyourite, I'm still with Edwards, until the day the party nominates someone else. At that point, I will make an immediate switch to that nominee, because the real demon here is the Republican Party.

Daniel Z.

Im voting Edwards as well. I am hoping S. Carolina goes Edwards, Clinton, Obama so each of them has a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place win.


Obama indirectly mentions Katrina in his radio ads in South Carolina. I'm not sure if that's good or bad but you can listen for yourself. [see right "Difference"]


I have this dream that Obama Edwards and Hillary will be deadlocked at the convention. They will negotiate and on the 99th ballot, the white smoke will burn and Al Gore will be the nominee. Not going to happen, but one can dream.


What Yat Pundit said.


I'm really staring to be bugged by some of the more extreme Obamaphiles. They act as if Jesus came back and moved to Illinois. I like the kool-aid reference big mon.

And my fantasies run along the same lines as Clark's. I'm beginning to wonder if the Repubs *will* have a brokered convention...


Are you sure Honore isn't a Republican? His speech before the Chalmette battlefield re-enactment last year was pretty pro-Iraq-war, if I remember. But maybe he was playing to the St. Bernard crowd.


When it comes to Loooziana politics, I'd even go for a Republican, if I could find one that gave a flying fuck about New Orleans.

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