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You were pretty clear with this.

I second your Motion and add two more Fuck 'Ems.


I think it will help keep our city "brand" out there. Plus, I hear that Mayor Nagin is big internationally, so that's good too.

I see only upside here, but you're like Fergie with your London london london bridge falling down.

I don't understand


*ducking and running*

Mr. Clio

This really pisses me off. They took a Sunday bike ride away from me.

Let's go the Dome that day anyway and watch it on TV outside.

On the other hand, given the Saints' mediocre home record under both Haslett and Payton, let's just make the best of it--one more win for us.

Just win, baby.


That post is TOO funny. Thanks for the laugh. As to the NFL, that isn't fair at all. Can we protest it?


Right now, Benson is smacking his head, like in the V-8 commercial, and saying, "London! Why didn't I think of that?"

One does hope that the London fans (unlike those in Chicago or East Rutherford) will take the opportunity to show some support for the city. I can scarcely imagine what the English version of gumbo or po'boys will be like, though... (shudder)


Down boy. I suspect the Saints were selected because the Brits love New Orleans.

Btw, Kama, food in London is much better than it used to be.


Adrastos, this is mainly due to the fact that all the people that the British colonized have come home to roost.


That's partially true but there are also chefs like Gordon Ramsay who do traditional British food but with better ingredients and preparation.


I spent a week in London and my own stereotypes were all wrong. Great city. We should know that better than anyone that stereotypes can be very wrong. The food was very good, esp. the Indian food. A very multi-cultural community. One sad surprise was the lack of civility. Southerners are much more polite and courteous than any Londoner. I dropped some books on the street and a man stepped right over them, no doors were held open, people didn't smile on the street. When I made it back to the airport and was struggling to get my large valise off the luggage carrier, a local quickly helped me. I turned to him and blurted out "I am SO glad to be home!" That is one of the great benefits of travel. It makes you appreciate what you take for granted.


I agree in part. However, to dine at Gordon Ramsey's place will cost you a bit more than a po' boy from Parkway.


Don't misunderstand me -- I have no problem with London. I have a problem with the Saints losing a regular season home game.

As you recall, in 2005, one of our home games was played in the meadowlands, with painful consequences:

And btw, wouldn't it be a bit more apropos for the Saints to play in Paris?


Very well, Officer Adrastos, I'll come quietly... having only travelled outside the U.S. of A. as far as Toronto -- once, fifteen years ago -- I based that on my Anglophile mom's (she named our first cat "Elizabeth") bilious encounter a generation ago with an English "hot dog".

I have indeed heard that the London food scene has nearly gone "worst to first" in that time. I'm just not sure how they'd relate to Louisiana food, with all those French influences and stuff. Perhaps a concoction superfically resembling gumbo, but with Indo-Pak spicing, might entice?


Seconds after I posted that, I realized that the said dish would have to be named for the Hon. Governor Whatshisface, you know, like Peach Melba or Beef Wellington or whatever.

It might even become the official state dish, briefly, before he gets enmeshed in the widening Rove scandals...


Just got back from London, and there are two things which will be true on October 26, 2008: (1) The exchange rate is going to suck balls, it costs $2.08 to buy 1 pound but the bank will only pay you $1.85 to buy it back, so spend them all there and (2) it will be cold and wet. Very cold. And very wet.

That said, the restaurants are very good, so long as you ignore the fact you're actually paying twice as much for your food as the menu prices suggest.


I'm glad you're not bitter about it.


Shouldnt your anger be at Tom Benson? He has to agree to it before the NFL would even schedule the saints for the game. He is the one fucking you saint fans


Nice job, Dr. Morris, you made Deadspin.


Mazel tov, AshMo!

My personal fave comment: "Well Katrina and the Waves were originally from England."

Huh. Potential halftime show? God help us all.


Don't hold back Ashley

Remember the slop bowl at wembly? Giants 13 Dolphins 10

One of the worst games I can remember watching.

the cajun boy

yeah...what ashley just said...yeah!


I mostly agree - but I think the longterm economic impacts *could* be good for the city and the franchise.

But I am pissed...not LT vs. Brees in the 'dome????


Erm..."no," rather than "not."

Sigh. No more wine for Cait tonight.

New Orleans Saints


Fuck the NFL is right, I like the fact that the Saints get the exposure but it Fuck up that we lose a home game..

SECT 211


Fuck the saints. trhey won that game ion a bull-shit call. That was not pass interferenece. The saints had all those turnovers and they could not win legitametley. Fuck them pussies. There going to the superbowl b/c of bullshit. fuck them pussy's. Drew brees is a bitch and reggie bush smokes cock. they don't deserve shit. GO COLTS and FUCK YOU SAINTS YOR BITCHES THAT EARNED A SUPERBOWL B?C YOU SUCK THE THE REFEREES DICKS. YOU DESERV E A COCK UP YOUR U PUSSIES. FUCK YOU. You really lost . Brett farve, a 40 year man destroyed you , go suck dick you fucking pussies,m sincerlery J mac


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