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Mr. Clio

Good support from King, except for the lousy edit.

I was in Tiger Stadium. Trust me. Those were road games. The head coach of the Dolphins that year (Nick Saban) got bigger cheers than the Saints did.

(Wonder how those Saban-cheerleaders feel now?)

Nancy Nall

It's a Small World, Chapter A Million: Peter King was a college classmate of mine. Goofy guy with a mop of red curls. Fun guy. (Although, did he call me when the Super Bowl came to Detroit? Nooooo.)


I read the Peter King columns every week and just saw your question posted. Nice job! I've e-mailed several questions/comments over the years, but have never hit the big time. I see you commenting all the time at Nancy's place.


Maybe he meant "nine Road Home games".

Sank you. I am here all of ze week.


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