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I swear to Christ, I'm gonna turn off my fucking internet if y'all don't quit it.


What, this is news to you? You thought that deep down he was really a nice guy?


OK, but given that this is from somebody who watched the On Demand episode, it tells me:

1. Marlo does something really bad.

2. It's strongly implied that Marlo does something worse than in episode 53 (since 53 did not provoke these kinds of comments about Marlo), where Butchie was tortured and killed.

3. Therefore, somebody more important than Butchie likely gets killed by Marlo's crew.

4. At the end of episode 54, (which STILL HASN'T AIRED EXCEPT FOR ON DEMAND), Marlo is likely still alive, otherwise we wouldn't be talking about how bad he is.

Between this and the spoilers on the H&H blog, I now have a good idea that somebody I like is going to get offed by Marlo's crew, so I get to spend the whole fucking episode wondering who it's going to be.

There is no such thing as a harmless comment. All information is a potentially relevant spoiler. You been up on the wire for 5 years, hasn't Lester taught you people anything?

All y'all: shut the fuck up.


On Demand (which I do not have) makes me afraid to post anything because I assume people with On Demand already know I'm wrong wrong wrong.

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