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Richard P.

Oh yes...those people were foolish to be living know what?...sooner or later the Big One will come and most of California will separate from the rest of the continet and slide off westward MOST IMPORTANT taking the liberals, gays, etc. with it.

Mr. Clio

My friend angels and saints and bears in Oakland says compared to the storms we see, this was "a baby, no, a fetus."

Nice media coverage, though, eh?


'One official suggested burrowing rodents might have contributed to the break in the levee along with the heavy rains, but the cause wasn't clear. "We have to look at the weather as the culprit right now, but we are not sure of that," Huntley said.'

Funny how the officials never look at each other and say "We're incompetent!"

Mr. Clio

If burrowing rodents can bring down a levee, we in south Louisiana are in serious trouble.

I can't get the image of those orange-toothed varmints swimming around in our canals.


I have a question. How come in Nevada, it's gophers that destroyed the levees, but in NOLA it was bombs placed by evil white men?? Are evil white men really just gophers on vacation? Or is it the other way around?


Evil white men are horrifically unpaid go-fer interns who just wanna blow something up to get noticed, or to put some employer "on notice", I imagine...


Why am I now picturing John Candy and Joe Flaherty, sitting on a porch, looking at the remains of a New Orleans floodwall and saying "It blowed up real good".


Why am I now picturing Chris Farley yanking his pants up repeatedly, pushing his glasses back up on his nose repeatedly, and threatening to have us all "livin' in a van down by the river"?


Gosh, and the Governator had said he made the Corps fix all those levees too!


Kirsten, the busted levee is in Nevada, not California. So is the city it flooded.

Ashley, this was not a Corps levee. It was built and maintained by the Dept. of Interior, Bureau of Reclamation and local Nevada officials. The Corps does flood protection, navigation and environmental restoration. The Truckee Canal is an irrigation project.

Mr. Clio, yes, burrowing animals are a huge problem. The various local levee districts have been working this issue for years.



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