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On belhalf of conservatives almost everywhere (well...maybe just here), I'm sorry that asshole was ever born.


The nut's post has been RECOMMENDED by Instapundit, one of the most visited conservative websites on the web. Keep an eye on the comments because there are going to be a lot more. I can't believe this is what our country has become.


It's just more of the same, tired old crap: finding some way to blame people for their own misfortunes is always so much easier than having to, you know, care about them and stuff.


In case any of those people wander over here, let me make one thing perfectly clear: Yes, I said to shoot the fucker.


I could always introduce Mookie to my gators, but I don't want them to catch any STDs.

R. Eustis

This kind of thing used to make me really angry. But now I'm honestly just very sad that so many people seem to wish us misery and failure.

It's depressing. And I'm reminded of it every time I begin to think that I'm being too sensitive about what the rest of the country thinks of us.


Idiots shall remain idiots. In cheerful news, CNN conducted a scientific poll that concluded Clinton or Obama would defeat every Republican currently in the race. These idiots are are on the verge of losing the presidency and the house and senate are going to sway even more.

A clarification: not all republicans are idiots, but due to the fact this particular idiot is obviously affiliated, and the fact that instapundit has linked him and is thus endorsing what he has to say, I have to assume its a widely held belief of many of the grand ol anyway, sorry if I lumped YOU, the lonely logical republican, in with the rest.


C'mon, Ashley. It sounds like you are really down. Please don't be. I wish there were something I could do to help.


C'mon, Ashley. It sounds like you are really down. Please don't be. I wish there were something I could do to help. This is being written after your "I suck." post. You don't.


Ditto from me. Whatever's got you down, hang in there, man.


Since commenting is closed on the next post, I would like to note here that you truly do not suck (gay porn aside). You routinely generate brilliant tirades that generate 30+ comments of praise. I think the only time I've ever gotten more than 30 comments for any reason was when people thought I was contemplating suicide.

You're probably the only one of the NOLA blogosphere who has actually personally tipped the outcome of a local election for the better.

This unworthy student bows before the Master.

Please come back.


Ashley, you are a thing of beauty.


Fans of the band Primus pay ironic tribute at their concerts by yelling, "Primus sucks!"

In a similar vein, perhaps it is time for the many readers of AM:TB, stretching at least from Vienna to Honolulu, to yell, just as ironically, "Ashley sucks!"


Ashley sucks! In the most purely ironic Primus-fueled manner possible.

Ashley: c'mon. I'd beg for you to come back, but I know you're getting your whole costume thing together for the coming Gras festivities.

What they hell the rest of the country will be doing every evening for the next couple of weeks while I'm enjoying the parades.......ah......who cares about the rest of the country.

Sinn Fein

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