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Nobody does a rant better! Thanks.


A-fucking-men. I'll have to have a liitle more red before I can fully appreciate the genius going down here.




Wow, what an asshole. It feels GREAT to know that I don't live in the same town with him.


yeah baby, go get em, grrrr

(((claps hands)))

Didya try to reply?


I did reply on his website. No rant, but I figured I'd try to get him on what most disgusted me. Before he deletes it when he sees this, I said: "Amazing. I don't know what is more astonishing: the fact that your version of terrorism calls for the destruction of an American city, or that you're hiding behind a veil of Chrisianity to do it."


Well put. I especially love the army corp of engineer comment.


Like the decorum about not responding to the Dutch-for-fuck-mook's talking trash about jazz funerals. Christianity up your Mezzogiorno.

Ray Ward

I don't give a rat's perineum what people like that think (I use the verb loosely). They are to be pitied for being the victims of whoever injected permanent Novacaine into their skulls.

New Orleans News Ladder

Dr. Morris, Jeez Louie!!! I turn my back on you cats for one day and you just run rampant!
Thank you for keeping the light on
Sinn Féin


Dammit, Ashley! Don't insult Mookie Wilson by dragging his nickname into this shit!!!

Aside from that, yashir koach.

New Orleans News Ladder

Against my better judgment I took the link to check out that stupid, fuckless, neowoward, Machiavelli-wannabe, syllodomist, Limbaudian, McRhetorical spew.
Well, I'll be damned! He unzipped that fly with a quote from Bessie Smith, who died in Memphis because she was denied care at a 'whites only' hospital.


Ladder, I made it a point not to talk about music or jazz funerals, even though he lobbed those softballs in there. I would have gotten off point a tad too much. But yeah, really...Bessie Smith.


I curtsey to the Master Ranter. Freakin' great take-down of a really sick mind.

(I was just throwing stuff around the room after reading the mook's post.)

New Orleans News Ladder

Obviously yo' mamma didn't raise no fool, but mine died when I was young. Hence, I found little reticence and cold comfort in addressing that perverts lyric-slicing in his comments section. Threw another one in there for Wittgenstein's sake. Karl Popper my ass!

I am just not psychologically qualified to deal with the rest of his spew, having failed all those test in elementary school~~particularly those ones with the little ink drawings of humans and animals copulating.

Cousin Pat

The delegate from Georgia stands and applauds.


For the record, I am a "drooling layabout" I'll own that.


He spelled crapola with a K. That's cute.


That post over there is appalling but the comments are worse. The one who tells Gentilly Girl not to be so "accommodating" and he won't give her syphillis? Jesus tits.

As to who he means by "we," when he says we should stop giving New Orleans money, it's pretty obvious. He means white people.

Every time I think they've reached rock bottom they break through to some kind of subterranean colony of stupid.



On behalf of Dutch people everywhere, I am sorry that this asshole was ever born.

Amazing response, Dr. M...


What's a "pathic"? Is that a word in Mookese? It doesn't sound like Dutch...

Alan Gutierrez


I appreciate your tireless efforts to keep the mooks in line. That post was truly depressing. Those posts make me so angry and so very deeply saddened. I try to remind myself of the many people who recognize what's going in New Orleans, who care, but I don't know why I have to share America with these angry racist white men.


More grist. You gotta love this:


Kama, I had to look up "pathic" too. It's synonymous with "catamite," a boy who is kept by a pederast. This guy exhibits a preoccupation with unhealthy sex acts and sexual diseases. His knowledge of these things is very detailed, isn't it? He's either spent a lot of time reading up on it or practicing it. Gentilly pegged him instantly.


Also, I thought the lottery was a tax on Audaciously Hopeful people.

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