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Goosebumps! That is my favorite all time ever Saints Memory.


For the first time in ages, apparently no Saints have made the ProBowl. Grrrr...

Guess they can fuel those energies into beating the pants off Philly and Chicago.

Chef Who Dat

Turf Burn Trotter has the following wikipedia entry:

"On August 21, 2007, the Philadelphia Eagles parted ways with the veteran linebacker, releasing him from the remainder of his second contract. Though many fans were upset about this move, Trotter was failing to perform in the '06-'07 season. He was a liability in pass coverage where many teams game planned to attack him. The position of middle linebacker was filled by two-year veteran Omar Gaither."

Consider for a moment, Absolut Ashley, posting your memory to your nearest wiki.

Nola Chick

1 Deuce McAllister= Too many men on the field


That was my favorite Saints memory from last year. It epitomizes the spirit of the Saints AND the citizens that were going to rebuild their city NO MATTER WHAT. Thank you Deuce! Who dat!

Mr. Clio

Deuce wasn't just pushing 11 Eagles into the end zone.

He was carrying all of us Orleanians into the end zone with him.

Deuce will return next year and will be tough.

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