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"This is so very, very bad, you can't imagine how bad it is."


Dude, if you weren't on the watchlist from hanging out with the likes of L7 years ago, or from blogging your heart out about New Orleans' ills, or from your travels, with this post you made all of them. Guaranteed.


How did we get into the position where our major ally in that region, upon which we are incredibly dependent, is an unstable powder keg of a military dictatorship? Will there be a civil war? Will we have to send American troops to "secure" their nukes? Will India get involved over Kashmir? Will President Cheney have any idea what to do?Jan. '09 cannot come soon enough.


A gentleman I work with just returned from Pakistan visiting family a couple weeks ago. He said she was pretty much a solid entry for upcoming re-election. He was quite shaken up this morning by this event, as was everyone at work. So sad...


Allah yirHamHa.

Suzanne Ward

I could not believe it. First word was she was OK. I still am in shock.

Cousin Pat

You ain't kiddin'. Pakistan is the nation in the most precarious situation in the world. And now this.

karen b

it is believed, but not proven, that one of her brothers was murdered on the order of her husband. It's unknown if she had knowledge.

She made 11 billion dollars of the Pakistan people during her second term.

She came back knowing she was in danger. She took the risk and lost. She should not be a martyr

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