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Ohhh, not Earl Campbell! The man was one of the reasons why Houston Oilers fans were as loyal as they were...up until their owners schlepped 'em to Tennessee.


Earl Campbell's story is painful to read.

ESPN had a bit about him a few years ago, and it made me want to cry my eyes out. He used to be so much bigger and badder than life itself. I remember reading about him running in practice with one hundred pound weights strapped to each leg. Watching him run in games, I'd definitely believe it.

Here's to you, Tyler Rose.

And props to you for finding a picture of him in his Saints uniform!


I was just a kid during Earl's day, but I remember being in absolute awe of the guy. The very definition of Beast. Dude makes a damn fine smoked sausage as well.


My mom had back surgery about a month and a half ago and is struggling with the re-hab.

I sent her this link. I don't know that it will be very cheering but.... Mom grew up in a town near Tyler. Maybe something about this will seem significant.


There was a great piece about Earl on HBO's Real Sports a few months back. It was a real tear jerker. Earl was a class act on the field and even classier in dealing with his pain.

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