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I'm headed to Two Chiefs right now for the good luck taste.

Then tomorrow, it gets very loud indeed.


I sure wish I could be there.


A TV channel in my hotel is advertising in Arabic the movies that are coming up in December. The background music? The Saints Are Coming.

It's a sign, you Philistines!!!



I will give a go at getting the horn in for this one.

BRASS, baby.

You will be sorely missed.

We'll take up the slack for ya.


Don't worry, dude, I'll send you some commemorative apple turnovers for dessert. We got extra.


The fans brought it, Sean Payton gave it away.


I finished readnig Zeitoun last week, and couldn't stop thinking about it during the big scary storm yesterday (especially when our power went out for five hours). I am looking forward to our book group discussion about it.Congratulations on finishing your first semester! You are well on your way to the big finish!


Danno,I just prepared this recpie last night, with a few adjustments, and it came out absolutely divine.I am a N.O. expatriate and have longed for a chicken drumstick as good as Popeye's for a long time I think I finally found my substitute. The adjustments I made were primarily the salt amounts, which was originally because I was only making 8 drumsticks, but then also realized that 4 tabe's is a heckuva lot of salt! I reduced it to 1 Tabe. Then 1 tsp of fresh ground black and a 1/2 tsp of cayenne.I think the sweat technique is a staple for me now.The bleeding is also a staple for me now. OH and the MOST important: salt water seasoning technique. I added 2 bay leaves and tabasco to the water as well but only for 20 minutes and it worked fine.I pan fried (Veg/peanut/Veg Lard mix) it at a starting temp of 390 (due to the inherent temp drop) and then kept it steady at 350-360.10 minutes on both sides and Wa-La! Perfectly seasoned, crispy chicken. No over browning or burning at all.I can't thank you enough, this recpie is 10/10


Posted on Oh, I can't stop laughing! That is one of the fuennist things I have seen in a looong time! It really IS kinda creepy except for the babies being so beautiful.I can't imagine either of my girls ever being content to lie under a giant roasted turkey. Wow.


Sorry Rich! (And everyone) I haven't relaly had time to breathe. Everything has just been so crazy! Theda, where are you working?And Rich, I did laugh when I read that comment. Sorry if you feel cheated never meant to hurt your feelings. I will try to always respond to your comments:)

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