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Peter Pfister

Mr. Morris-
I am the teacher mentioned in the article who is GOING to bring kids down to work in the Lower Ninth, school board endorsement or no. I wanted to thank you for your letter. It said many of the things I wanted to say to the board that night but in my dumbstruck state did not. I actually felt as if I was hallucinating it was so bizarre. My kids did a fantastic job with their research and presentation and at first it was all peaches and cream but then the fear mongers began to speak up. By the time they were done I was afraid they were going to have me arrested as a pedophile. I moved to Maine 18 years ago from Colorado and I've been teaching at Rockland High for 7 years. Though I love it there are two things that drive me to distraction about the place- its insularity and its lack of diversity. The irony is that Rockland has many natural ties to New Orleans- we are a small harbor city of fishermen and there is some French influence thanks to the French Canadians- we even have a yearly blues festival. I hope you won't judge us all by the...well, I'd better not say...who blathered on at the meeting. I know some of the respondents to your blog, in their righteous indignation, did want to tar us all with the same brush, but remember, I have 20 Maine kids who came up with this trip and can't wait to go, including one who has already been twice. I am publishing a clarifying letter/guest comment in the paper which quotes a line from your letter. I will send it along when it comes out. I haven't been to your fair city for many years, but I can't wait to get back. Save me some crayfish! Thanks again.


"I am the teacher mentioned in the article who is GOING to bring kids down to work in the Lower Ninth, school board endorsement or no."

Bouquets to Peter Pfister!

And to Professor Morris!


Here, here. Believe me, Mr.'s not as though we don't have more than our own share of narrow minded people down here, too. And just like in Maine, sometimes (OK, MOST of the time, it seems..LOL) they manage their way into a position where they can weild some kind of power over others.

I think New Orleanians would be the LAST people on Earth to judge a general population based on their "leaders". LOL


Huzzah, Mr. Pfister.


Mazel tov, Mr Pfister!

My fifteen-year-old cousin came down last year with a high school aged group. He's still talking about it. You're giving those kids a great experience, and we thank you!


Mr Pfister, I will buy you a drink and a po-boy, and help you gut. Thanks so much for bringing your kids down, and thanks for the kids who want to do this despite what their elders are saying.

I was hoping that my letter would, in addition to perhaps opening a mind or two, maybe even put pressure on some powers that be to help fund you guys. Naive, yes, but hey, "by any means necessary" I always say.


I'm now going to star using Sinn Fein more often so that Ashley isn't singled out...


If it's any help, Peter (or should I call you "Mr. Pfister"?), here is a widely publicized list of the top ten most dangerous U.S. cities:

1. Detroit. 2. St. louis. 3. Flint, Mich. 4. Oakland. 5. Camden, N.J. 6. Birmingham. 7. North Charleston, S.C. 8. Memphis. 9. Richmond, Calif. 10. Cleveland.

Note that a certain allegedly "disease-ridden war zone" did NOT make the list.

Oh, and guess who took 11th? Orlando. Looks like that field trip to Disney World is out, too...

Hope to see y'all in town!

Ray Ward

1. Mr. Pfister has a great bunch of students, and his students have a terrific teacher.

2. If I were you, I'd take exception to Salvie's comment to your letter about "unintentional comedy gold mine." We all know that the comedy here is on purpose.


Dear Mr Pfister,

I'm bringing a load of kids down too. 30 of them. We get there the day after Christmas.
It's my third trip down, and I've got several kids making their second and third trips too. Don't believe what you hear. You'll be welcomed by the City that Care- uh, Washington- Forgot.

New Orleans News Ladder

Hey Peter, thanks and bless your heart. And you also may have relatives in common here?

Ashley Morris should win some sorta metal. I vote wrougt-iron.


Hey Peter,

Let me know when you're coming down and which local group you'll be working with and I'll come out and pitch in some labor with y'all.

For some of us, weekend gutting and rebuilding is a hobby/obsession/way-of-life, and it's always fun working with a bunch of new volunteers and helping to explain exactly what happened here and why.

You won't believe what you're going to see when you get down here. You'll be perfectly safe physically, but it's kind of emotionally wrenching...exactly the kind of experience that turns smart kids into smart compassionate motivated adults.

And Salvie, if you're still reading, come on down too. I'll buy you the best lunch of your life in exchange for you spending just one hour hauling the moldy remains of somebody's life to the curb where it can be hauled off to a landfill. No skills required, I've got shovels, wheelbarrows, a mold respirator, goggles and gloves you can borrow. You just have to show up and suit up, no more or less than this great bunch of high schoolers is doing.


Mel Posted on wow the fact that, they look like they could roll over an fall from the table does not affect ayonne but me? I know they can rollover with those giant costumes but still i find it very creepy


Mom - Beautiful, Tim simply but equloently stated! Thanks for sharing what God put in your heart. Can't wait to see the sights as you and Candy (and Chase, too, of course!) keep looking up!

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