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With all that fancy truce calling, you must have been watching the Senate today


ZOMG...that could destroy the peace


OMG, that alone might make me shoot myself . . . does Kylie Minogue know about this! Senate meetings about You Tube as a torture machine?


Heidi should stick to air kissing vanguished contestants on Project Runway. Yikes.


This is so bad it makes Nina Garcia seem not so annoying in comparison.


Wonderland. Wonderland. Shining stars. Jingle Bells.


Well, it's Wonder Bread white enough to almost be a hit over here in Austria. Only one problem: the Santa thingy there. The kill-the-bearded-Ho-fucker-and-schnitzel up-the-raindeer campaign is in full swing again this year. I keep tellin' 'em: hey! you've got Central Europe's fastest growing energy co-ÖMV. And you guys hate Santa-not good. Unk Dickey, and his merry band of elves-of-smash-yor-ass-destruction be checkin' out who's naughty & nice on dat one. Can't have no Santa haters controlling no oil and gas. But, do they listen?...noooo. Place used to be safe-never on CNN. Oh for the good ole of days of: yeah, I know all about Austria-land of kangaroos. But, no more. Nope, ever since the news broke on You Tube that there is a village over here named Fucking-it's a whole new ballgame. Everybody knows where Fucking Austria is now.
We got Christmas shows on tv over here what give you snow blindness watching 'em.
Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year, there Ash-Mo family, friends & NOLA. Keep the sugar plumb fairies outta the kid's heads. Don't wanna be guilty of corrupting youthful innocence, there-right. Hang in there-sooner or later we'll all come to our senses, and start dropping acid again-maybe. My #1 resolution, anyway. What truce? Did I take a nap, and miss the war...again? I gotta watch this takin' naps, and missing the war shit. Folks'll start thinking I'm not patriotic-or sumpin'.


This fine singer warms my cockles.


Damn. I can't watch here at work. Prolly best, since I'm still trying to get over that thing I saw last night at Toulouse Street. Ewwww.

D-BB Phd

I hate that. But my foot is tapping.

"Wonderland. Wonderland. Shining stars. Jingle Bells!"

Jesus, what I would give to be deaf. Like my wife says, 2 outter 3 ain't bad. (I wonder what she means?)


I found some kick ass old Xmas music via Boing Boing - old wax cylinder recordings from the early 1900s. In 2107 somebody will be listening to Heidi Klum and wondering if flat singing was the style back in the day. Enjoy!

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