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Hey, Caroline, hope you have a great weekend. Me and mine will be in Montreal Late Tuesday (12) tgrouhh till late Wednesday. My girl has a meeting, so I'm tagging along for a break. I love bus rides.


I am against evreything your asking war with Iran. there doing nothing at all wrong except expressing themselves.Israel has nukes. if they wont them let them, have them. if they attack we have over 5000 of them to pay them back.there would be NOTHING left of there country if they attack.if they attacked Israel, they have over 100 nukes to wipe out every city in there country for Gods sake, you don't just attack people for just don't attack a country for the hell of draft. no more half the taxes going for the military. God all mighty we could do so much for the people with that money. that's what its for you know. we seem to forget that.this country should not be doing the bidding of the Jews.Theres evil people in our government to attack countrys for no good reason.


I can vividly imngiae the making of this Director: ok lets do it again, this time try to be less condescending and Melanie, if you could arch your eyebrow higher that would be fantastic. Roll tape ACTION!


Most of the hotels in the city ctener are in historic buildings and the rooms tend to be the size of hotel rooms in Europe. That includes he Ritz Carlton and Waldorf-Astoria.However, there are a number of hotels built since the 1970s and they have normal American-size rooms with two beds. Examples are the Westin Canal Place, the Marriott Hotel in the 500 block of Canal Street, Sheraton on Canal Street, JW Marriott on Canal Street, Intercontinental on Saint Charles, the Hilton on Poydras, and the W hotel on Poydras Street. Another answer mentions the Hilton Homewood Suites on Poydras. There are also an Embassy Suites hotel and Marriott Residence Inn downtown. All of them have websites.


If you intend on vinisitg the Quarter, you'd be better off staying IN the Quarter. As mentioned earlier, Provincial Bourbon Orleans are safe clean. Heck, you're less than a handful of blocks from the iconic St. Louis Cathedral with those 2 hotels. Just the same, _always_ exercise caution especially at night. The Quarter is relatively safe but most crime happens when you don't pay attention to your surroundings, regardless of what city you're in.


i LOL'd for real when i read years of practice at the Jazzfest, French Quarter Fest and Trombone Shorty shows . that's the truth! our whole crew is well veserd in getting to the front AND holding addtl spots down lol. the vibe of NO is what makes it so unique and unable to be duplicated. and for that reason home will always be home. p.s.- i LOVE seeing that little boy everytime i run across that vid


cut the social pgmorars for the deadbeats in this country for starters.We don't need a draft to deal with terrorists. The only way we would need a draft is if we were to be in a military conflict with china.I hope the carrier sends f-18 s loaded with tactical nukes.The bill should be paid by Iraq since it's their freedom.No more taxes. We're taxed enough already.Injured soldiers ARE being taken care of.We'll survive.

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