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Send my thanks to them also.


Excellent news.

But I thought you were coming home today.

Nancy Nall

Good job. That'll get you on a watch list somewhere. Enjoy the strip search before your next flight, professor.

ashley I'm not already on one. When the wife gives a subscription to "Granma: Cuba's English language weekly", you're on the list.

Did I mention she was in the Young Pioneers as a youth?


I'm betting all the NOLA bloggers are on lists. When your computer starts scrolling up and down without your moving the mouse or hitting the keys, then start to worry.

D-BB Phd

Those people in the Middle East are so smart.

I would love for us to adopt their laws.


Yeah, but that's because you're already left handed...

Mr. Clio

This is


No American newspaper would publish this.

You make me miss the Arabian Gulf, bra.

Dat's my roots.

D-BB Phd

Packing my bags and I'm outters. They still don't cut off hands for stealing, do they?

Justin Deco

The American people are a wonderful lot. It's the American polity which stinks.


Bravo, Professor. You're a ambassador of goodwill. They get it.

D-BB Phd

Holy camal shit! Ashley, please do not post on your blog while you are in Bahrain.

If you do, be careful what you say.

For more info go to:

He is a blogger and got 4 fucking years in jail just for posting stuff the Bahranian Government didn't like.

Please be careful my brother.

Bushwick Bill

Oh, aren't you left-wing professors precious? Whooping for a proletarian revolution while enjoying six-figured sinecures.

Granma. Young Pioneers. Pfah. Your wife belonged to an organization that was morally equivalent to the Hitler Youth. Perhaps she had to join to get along. Still, it's not something about which to brag.

As for no longer considering yourself an American, because Bush's FEMA failed you? Be honest, Professor Morris, your regard for America and Americans must have been rather shallow for Bush's incompetence to destroy it.

Many of us hate Bush.

Many of us think what's happened in New Orleans is a damn shame. (Though we reserve a large measure of scorn for you New Orleanians and Louisianans who knew or should have know that this was coming. I'm a Hoosier and I knew this was coming for you. Five or six years a go, I read a John McPhee piece about the dangers of the levee system, a piece McPhee wrote 20 or 30 years a go! And still, you people didn't have your shit together.)

Now, FEMA's response has been disastrous. But what has Bush touched that hasn't been disastrous?

Still, I love America. And as offended as I am by the incompetence and destruction wrought on the world by the Bush administration, I'm offended by phonies like you who pretend to have lost regard for our country because of an incompetent administration.


"You people"? Are you serious? Yikes.

Did the McPhee piece happen to mention that the levees are a Federal, NOT state or local, responsibility? I'm thinking it probably did...

If you'd hang around for a while, rather than just doing a drive-by post about "six-figure sinecures" and the like, you'd know that the Perfesser's disaffection with "the country to our north" stems from the country having lost regard for New Orleans, not the other way around.

D-BB Phd

KamaAina, I ain't stupid. I Googled "sinecures".

I think that made me mad.


Hey, Bill. Sorry I missed your earlier comment.

My wife was at the time living in Communist Czechoslovakia. Membership in the Young Pioneers was basically mandatory. I'm sure that if *you* would have been there, you would have refused to join, and you would have started a right wing revolution. Oh wait, you're too much of a pussy to even give a real email address -- how can you be expected to take responsibility for anything.

Thank God for WHOIS -- enjoy your job at North American Van Lines. I'm sure they're happy you're spending your work time blasting a New Orleanian with an opinion.

The "piece of shit" levee system is the responsibility of the "piece of shit" federal government. Fuckmooks like you in Ft. Wayne should know all about that, as you just successfully lobbied for $5.3M in flood protection, as you've been hit by two "hundred year floods" so far this decade.

You're stupid for living there.

I self identify as a New Orleanian first and foremost. For better or worse, we *are* still part of America, and my taxes have to go to keep fuckmooks like you, who don't want NOLA rebuilt, safe from flooding.


Fort Wayne? Isn't that where those mooks had Mardi Gras in *June*?!

Why, I do believe it is...


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