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Overseas press has been kinder (and closer to the truth) about New Orleans and Katrina from the beginning. It is really an eye opener to read the headlines on the same story. The US press always put a little editorial spin on theirs. (You know, the "lazy, stupid to be living below sea level, crime ridden, unworthy, whiny, not my problem spin.) I can usually tell if a story is local, US or foreign just from the headline.


I had herpes once and it was in the shape of a crescent. Wow, now that makes you stop and wonder.


I was traveling through Asia when Katrina hit. We watched the aftermath unfold from a hotel room in Vietnam.

We were at the Tibetan Refugee Center in Darjeeling in early to mid September. I was showing some little kids postcards from Notre Dame, where I went to college. One of them was a postcard of the football stadium.

This girl, no older than 11, said in broken English, "Thats like where the people lived after Katrina, in the Superdome."

I started crying and gave her a hug. I think she thought I was mentally ill.

An 11 year old girl living in a refugee center in the middle of the Himalayas... and she knew.

Fast forward to the Sugar Bowl last year, where I said to a friend of mine, "It's going to feel weird to go into that stadium." She asked me why, and I said, "Because of the aftermath of the storm. Because of all the horrible, horrible things that happened here, and the dead bodies that were left here..." I went on for a minute and this, literally, was her response: "Oh wow, I didn't even know that happened."


There were not so many horrible things that happened there other than goverment neglect.


That explains the itching.


I got ringworm in the shape of Lake Pontchartrain...

Mr. Clio

I named my blog World Class New Orleans mostly because I believe that the world appreciates us more than a lot of America does.

Although some of America really does give a damn about us and has been true blue.

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