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YES!!!! One day before my b-day!!!


Hate to break it to you fellas but...those guys suck. :)


They so do *not* suck!!

*Blonde hair thrashing about*


I've got big balls
I've got big balls
And they're such big balls
fancy big balls
And he's got big balls,
And she's got big balls,
But we've got the biggest balls of them all


A lot of their songs don't quite hold up the way we might wish... Also those guys themselves haven't exactly held up either....

Wake me up when Warrant is back together.


the more people that incorrectly think they suck.......the better my seats will be! I've heard nothing but glowing reports from people who have seen this tour.


Cool Beans! No debates but we get Van Halen!


I have a friend who actually drove up to Charleston last month to see VH, he'll be glad to see them again, I think. Personally, I saw them in Da Dome for the first "Day of Rock and Roll" in 1980. They were actually the second act of four headliners - Nazareth, VH, Boston, then Heart closed the show. I prefer to keep my herbal-clouded memories of that show than see them now. :-)

casque beats



Welcome to hell. Welcome to DJing in Montreal as the club he went to (if I remember was the Exit) is shrtigat up garbage. I was kinda surprised at the music direction Preemo took although, fuck it! if you know your music you can just appreciate the variety. This was a piece of shit crowd in there, I can gladly say I missed out on such a travesty.Peace


to say, i'm dumbfounded by your areostisns is a great understatement. I'm completely baffled at your jaundiced approach to such a sensitive topic. Man, i can rightly say, i'm completely disappointed. But, hey..that's the funny thing in this world. Scratch the ground and you can either find rare metals or pieces of junk.You calling Ojukwu senile is not only insensitive but fallacious and unethical. Last time i checked, senility is associated with people showing a decline or deterioration of physical strength or mental functioning. Now, on what basis do you base your judgement of Ojukwu as senile. I respect your views/opinions but felt there are better ways you could have made your points without resorting to name calling. After all he's someones Dad, brother, husband, etc.You also mentioned that the 'skinny' you heard...C'mon dude. You can't make an argument on mere heresay and expect learned folks to take you serious.Don't get me wrong, you're very much right in your last statement that almost all Igbo politicians are out for money making and the 'get rich or die trying' syndrome seems to have overtaken every one of them.


Love your blog Sassy. Greetings from Hungary I recently had a flhigt from Bucharest to Spain and i imediately reamembered your post when 20% of the passengers went straight ahead to the lavatory after they borded the airplane one of them even took his suitcase with him -_- all this after sitting 2 hours at the airport. It was chaotic but the FA s were very beautifull and professional and soon i hope to become a flhigt attendant aswell. Hope the hear some more funny stories from you soon, love ya. (Soz for my bad english )

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