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You mean like the quicker-picker-uppper, right?


Of course. I want the Librarian to put some paper towels on the head of Jason David.


Uh-oh. None of this involves anybody doing a striptease on ice, does it?

Closest thing we might be able to do in that vein would be having some BERG spouses doing the deed on rollerskates. THERE'S a bounty fundraiser for ya....

Mr. Clio

I can barely type through the tears of laughter. Perfect.

Richard P.

You and others seem to keep harping on individual players. Once it was Terence Copper. More recently, Devery Henderson, then the kicker and so on. Is this more an attempt at humor or more halfway serious analysis?

Fans do seem, in many cases, tend toward scapegoating of individual athletes or coaches, perhaps, I suppose, finding such analysis easy to make and easy to understand.

However, for my part, I deplore scapegoating. For one thing, while taking shots at the kicker seems to have been a popular thing to do he did his part as well as anyone could twice on the onside KO attempts. Also, the aforementioned Henderson seems to have been catching a few balls lately. I'd like, of course, to see the team fix things but the list of what went wrong and what's gone wrong throughout the year is by no means so limited. They can't protect the passer on offense at crucial times while they can't bring pressure on the opposing QB on 3rd-and-long when it would seem to be prime time to be going after the QB and also against an off. line that was supposed to be suspect, for some examples. They seemed to be doing a great job pass protecting during the crucial plays. What a mystery.


Your take on it is very probable. However, for me I sort of felt this rahter plain, middle-aged woman may have resolved herself to being alone. She went day to day not seeking or hoping for love, assuming she'd never find it or maybe thinking no one would want her. Then this happens and she is confronted with her own desire to be loved. She is exposed. Her heart does yearn for love after all. Even though you may see this as humiliating for her, it's actually a wake up call. She surrendered to the idea of love. It's sorta uplifting, actually.

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