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I'm telling you, they went to Luke. Bad, bad news for Besh there.


Actually, I don't think it had diddley to do with the food. They probably think that Symon is a better "character".

Never, ever think that the food network is about food.


Ashley's right. Of the competitors, these two were the most charismatic. I felt the whole way through that teevee presence was the true criterion in play. Ashely? Why have you been so reluctant to reveal your source on this scoop?


My wife is so upset Besh lost - she wanted to see him on food network again.

I totally call BS on the judging though, Symon's iron chef dinner wasn't even in the same league with that of Besh. Five minutes for a swordfish dessert that was killer?! I mean, come on, that's genius at work! *Swordfish*, people, *swordfish* as *dessert*. Gah.



How to note a steaming pile of poo when you come across it: 1) anything written by Ruhlman, 2) it looks and smells like a steaming pile of poo.

In this case, this post meets both of those criteria: "I certainly couldn’t simply give it to Symon because he’s from Cleveland"

Also, note how the food network talent got to vote for the first time on the series. You think Flay would vote for a guy that destroyed him on the show? Also, note how Ruhlman was the only one of the three judges that voted for Symon.

What a crock.

God...this show is such an abortion. I'm going to have to stay up late tonight and watch Michiba, Morimoto, Sakai, and Chen.

Also, the food network, and I use the term "food" loosely, still fails to realize that the original Iron Chef was not about food -- it was about honor.


Let's put Tom Fitzmorris on the panel and see how it turns out....grrrr.

And Jeffrey, I will never reveal my sources. Actually, you didn't offer me beer in exchange for my sources, so there.


I'm only asking because I was impressed.


Fer cryin' out loud: Ruhlman has a big pansy-ass picture of his buddy Symon on his "about" page:

Mr. Gunn

Maybe this will encourage him to spend more time in his restaurants...



I bring up the pic Ruhlman has on his about page with his buddy Symon. I also mention this on Ruhlman's blog.

Lo and behold, yesterday Ruhlman changes the pix, so his partner in crime Symon is no longer there!

New "about" page without Symon:

Old "about" page with Symon:


I read that he's such good buddies with Symon, WAY BEFORE THE SHOW, that he publicly said he would no longer write about him in his food reviews since there was a conflict of interest. AND YET HE CAN JUDGE HIM?!

Food Network is getting some angry mail right now.

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