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In the IMDb one of Ashlyn Gere's alterante names is Kimberly Marshall.


That's such a great story. I love the choreography angle.

Many years ago, Renard submitted some of his music to a sound library and a few people familiar with the songs reported hearing one of them in a porno flick. (I wonder if it was *choreographed*?) We have no idea what the movie is called but he does periodically get BMI checks for use of the same song on the Spice Channel in programming listed as "Thick and Black." Heh, heh.

The Kimberly Marshall alias is icing on this cake.


Hah! What a hoot! "Orgazmo" is one of the movies Dan dragged me to see and I walked out of it doubled over from laughing so hard.

And the "icing on this cake" thankfully doesn't include the words "Under Neat That".

Or does it????


I once saw Ashlyn Gere at a bookstore appearance in NY. She's 5'2" of heat.


What was she doing in a bookstore?


It was the kind of bookstore that smelled like bleach and had booths in the back. She was signing videos and glossy photos. I worked nights at the time in a new city that I had just transfered into for work and I used to go crazy looking for things to do in the daytime. I saw the appearance advertised in the free paper and went to check it out. I went to museums and real bookstores too when I was bored. Honest.


I always wondered if that demo mass mailing resulted in anything. Now we all know the rest of the story. I remember listening to that demo tape over and over on a road trip to Vegas. Warren Zevon would be proud.


Another great story! And you could have been scoring choreographed sex all this time. You're truly an amazing person.


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