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While it's conceptually disappointing to imagine that a possible investigation could have maybe been inconvenienced here, I have to say that I have serious problems with this tried and true law enforcement system of using the law to either bribe or extort information out of people who have fallen into their little mousetraps.

There is something creepy and vaguely hypocritical about it. And I can't help but feel a little vindicated whenever it doesn't quite work out the way they want it to.


I see what you're saying, and I mostly agree with you.

However, OT promised the feds he would roll. Because he didn't, he deserves to be crucified.


Actually, OT got a great deal and blew it. As Council Prez, he was the sort of big fish they rarely cut a deal with. He's an idiot.


"Don't be a rat"... what a great example! Did OT give out that same "don't snitch" advice to afflicted neighborhoods and witnesses when he was complaining about Hurricane Crime, and saying he'd do whatever it takes to stop it?

After being so honorable and forthright in his resignation, this is highly ignoble behavior.

A sez: "OT got a great deal and blew it. As Council Prez, he was the sort of big fish they rarely cut a deal with. He's an idiot."

Which naturally leads us to wonder: "Who was the bigger fish they wanted him to roll on"? What parties are assuring OT that doing extra years of time will be worthwhile to him and his family? Or was it more of a threat?


Great job, show the other perps you're a stand up guy.

It's also a great example to citizens fighting crime.

I'm sure the bangers appreciate it.


One more thing: it's rumored the Feds only indicted him on one count as part of a plea deal. If that rumor is true, they could tack on more charges and he could be looking at 20 to life instead of 37 months under his plea deal.

karen b

I'm really disappointed in Thomas. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thought he was one of the honest ones. Now he refuses to talk. Makes one wonder how dishonest he has been and how deep he is in with others of this kind.


A friend who knows the judge made the comment that she doesn't know what the sentence will be but she's sure that OT will get a new asshole tomorrow.

I've got another pal going down to watch. I'll post a report of what I hear.


Oliver Thomas Stops Snitching (now with graphic illustration).


It's pretty obvious they're after Morial.


Might I inquire please what is the origin of the term "mook"?




To quote Gino Vannelli: I rode my motorcycle through a watermelon patch
Right on the California freeway
I took my holy bible on my blessed boogie woogie drive
Cause I know I know I know
Where I go oh lord they're gonna bless me jive


thank ya kindly Aaron :-)


Swampwoman, when I use it, it's a contraction.


Also this:

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