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What? Have you lost your FAITH, sir? I'm not having this. Not from you.

That was a frustrating game to watch, though. Maybe Bush's worst game as a pro.

What the hell was going on during that 3rd quarter? It might have been the most unwatchable exhibition of football on record.

Some days it's very simple. Turn the ball over and you lose.

Oddly, this season isn't over. They could still get to those 7 or 8 wins I penciled them in for... even without Deuce. I'd say that's accomplishing something.

On the other hand, who do they draft? I think McFadden might slip a bit, although that might be for good reason.


With politics, evidently you're the pessimist, I'm the optimist. With the Saints, we're both realists.

We draft or trade for a corner, any corner. My kingdom for Dre Bly.

Remember the days of milk and honey, when we had Fred Thomas playing CB?


David sucked it up today, not unexpectedly. I think every big play for yards happened against him, as though they knew he'd blow coverage...hmmm. Well they must be psychic, it's not like it was glaringly obvious before the game or anything.

Olindo did great today, that boy is bipolar, I don't know if HE knows when he's going to play well, I mean 52 yard field goal right between the uprights and it could have been 10 yards farther out and still made it? He's an enigma wrapped in a mystery surrounded by a cheesy gordita. The boy puzzles me.

Let's see if they can't bring up someone else to play David's corner position and WHY WASN'T PATTEN USED TODAY?! Anyway, there are a few obvious changes which would make a world of difference for next week.

Mr. Clio

C'mon, Dr. Morris. This is our natural habitat. This is what we swim in regularly. Season ain't over. If Steve Walsh can QB the Saints to the playoffs, then this team is still in it.

Moosedenied has the right attitude.

But look, your words reflect my spirit as of about 2:07 p.m. yesterday. So don't think I'm riding the optimist horse into the hee-hah bright blue future. I'm wit' ya, bra.

Richard P.

If it were just Jason David and a kicker that are the issues then that could be dealt with. The fact is that there's a lot more than just that. First, you've got to be scoring TD's when you need TD's. The offense is erratic and inconsistent as a whole and it's hardly just one guy. Take Colston away and the Saints receivers group is really not that great. And then Colston himself is not a deep threat -- and he, too, was dropping catchable balls. And then, of course, the running game has been lacking.

I'm not going to join the bandwagon to castigate Bush. Just imho at least I've noticed him playing with purpose and intensity this season. He got royally shafted on that fumble call, too.

The offensive line, well, that's another matter. The Bears started to expose a weakness there in the playoff game and opponents this year have seemed to pick up on it. OK, the Saints are not a running-oriented team, not a physical offense team but that isn't Bush's fault or Brees' fault if they can't pass protect or open holes very well.

As for the defense, who, besides Smith, Grant, Scott Fujita and Mike McKenzie is perhaps a decent quality player? Hollis Thomas?

They need to make some aggressive moves in free agency.


So long as we are in this shitty division, the season aint over.


Hey, man. That's my anti-Reggie bandwagon you're so hesitant to jump on. There's room for everyone.


Varg, ya took the words I said yesterday right outta my mouth.


Varg, ya took the words I said yesterday right outta my mouth.


I agree that we HAVE to draft a corner. With Meachem, I thought the decision makers knew something we didn't, but they didn't.
I betcha $100 if we could know the truth, Bush had that ball when he was down, and they stripped it too late, but the video didn't show it.
Back to the days of lovable losers...

Richard P.

You can't blame the decision-makers for drafting Meachem. The Saints really do NOT have a true deep threat go-to guy. Henderson may be the closest but still he's the no. 3 receiver, not the no. 2, and he's not exactly a rookie either.

As for corner let's see how Usama Young turns out.

LB is the real surprise to me. They knew that that was a position that needed upgrading in the last offseason but why hasn't Brian Simmons cracked the lineup? If there were better play at LB that would give the secondary a little help. The Saints have become better at stopping the run than they were but maybe that's at least partly because everyone on defense is just very focused on that (and the secondary has had to be, too, because there's just not that much being done at MLB).

Back to offense, if you're going to say that relying on Bush has cost the team games then you might just as well say that relying on Brees has, too, and has most likely been an even larger factor than relying Bush. The QB touches it every play and heaven knows that this has been a very pass-oriented team. The real barometer has been his performance and the passing game overall.


This is the second week in a row that the Saints played that had been playing badly because of injuries, but was starting to get players healthy in time for the Saints. I'm not sure about the Rams, but Houston isn't a bad team. And the Saints should have beaten them on the road. The Saints have some obvious weaknesses, but they're in probably the second weakest division in the league. If they stop self-destructing, they can go 9-7. I'll doubt they'll run the table to go 10-6. 8-8's probably most likely. I don't see them doing worse than .500 from here, but unfortunately, that would be a disappointing 7-9. I'll go one or two above that.

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