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Mr. Clio

So long, guys. I'd rather watch the Green Wave, Wolfpack, and Privateers play basketball and baseball anyway.


The Hornets are going to be a dangerous and fun team to watch this year. That's all I gotta say right now.


Although it is early it looks like the Hornets have fielded a team that has a shot at making the playoffs. If the fans don't go to the games when they have a good product then maybe we aren't an NBA city. It could take a while for the fans to catch on, after all they haven't played here regularly for two years. You are right about Shinn he is only concerned about his bottom line not the community that his team plays in.


I can't get into it. New Orleans aided and abetted the criminal ripping off of the city of Charlotte in order to harbor this franchise in the first place.

There's really nothing to say if the grifters move on to their next mark.


Not at all Jeffrey -- Charlotte was happy to get rid of Shinn.

And Oyster, I guess you mean "fun to watch, for an NBA team". Until they eliminate timeouts in the final 2 minutes, I'd rather watch pro wrestling, due to the spontaneity.


OT: Have any of you heard of the All-American Football League? It's a new minor league pro football league that requires all of it's players to be college graduates. Teams are mostly composed of former players from the same school or state so the Florida franchise is almost all old UF players.

It seems like a good fit for Louisiana.


So we're going to have the Seattle Hornets up around this way? Perfect! That makes so much sense. When will they get around to giving franchises realistic names? At least the MLS was smart enough to call the old San Jose Earthquakes something different when they moved to Houston (Houston Dynamo), although they did screw that one up for a bit by briefly naming it 1836 Houston...

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