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Nancy Nall

Hey, I have one of these!

Tell the rest of the story, Ash -- how it ended up as the soundtrack for a porno movie.


If we could only *hear* it! Is it just me or is there a resemblence to a famous long-departed Blues Brother? As the kids would say, "That's sick! Word."


I have to agree with Nancy, coupled with the expression and the 'stache, I could see you as a Ron Jeremy stand-in. The warhol effect is awesome. Any links to the tunes?


Joey from "Full House" called.

He wants his shirt back.


Ooh, polka dots. Was it a polka band?

Nancy Nall

I'm not speaking figuratively, Aaron. It really WAS used as the soundtrack in a porno movie. Because Ashley is too modest to toot his own horn -- although not too proud to allow his music to be used in a tooting-one's-own-horn scene -- you can read about it here, in the first comment to that post.


Yep. That picture immediately evokes a Ron Jeremy association.

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