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Yeah You Right!!!
A nice and significant contribution to one of the best programs in the City.


Great! Now I can quit feeling guilty about having a set of Emeril pans. (They are good pans, though, I got them for Christmas a year or two ago).


Well, seester, don't feel guilty about that. Feel guilty that they're made in China. ;^)


was, unfourtnately, the truth. I don't live anhyewre near NOLA, but I DO live in another area that experienced severe flooding a couple years back (albeit not nearly as bad as the devestation Katrina caused!) .and sadly, the government has been dragging its feet here, too.There were areas that, last year, a year after the flooding, still looked pretty much the same as they did immeditely after the flooding.


I did this or I did that . It is always We did this , etc or he gives creidt to the people he brought together. He is a marvelous and humble person that I hope one day is recognized, but, again, he is not looking for it and I truly admire him for that, his efforts and his long term commitment.


I didn't reside in NOLA prpoer, but on the outer fringes of Metro New Orleans. We moved out four years before Katrina moved in... and destroyed the vital city I knew and loved. I've been back five times, way less than Geo and Laura, and it breaks my heart. Bush carries a lot of blame, but it isn't his alone. The city should have been much better prepared for something that had to happen at some point in time. It's a lazy government down there, on both sides of the political fence. They don't call it 'The Big Easy' for nothing. I don't care who happened to be president, it would have been a disaster at half the toll. But it does seem that our response to a tsunami on the other side of the world is quicker to our own wounds. That's inexcusible.

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