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Fuck, first the Patriot Act now the fucking 1st Amendment. Actually, the only Amendments I am really concern with is the 4th, 5th 6th & 8th Amendment. The rest I can pretty much work my way around. Why don't they get rid of that 3rd Amendment? I don't even know wtf it means. Nor to I care.

R. Eustis

Sheesh. My fellow Newmanites turn their usual snarky smartassery to something positive, and what do they get?

The wrath of a bunch of halfwit catamites kept on a governmental leash.

Oh, crap. Was that libelous?

Alan Gutierrez

Nothing. This is satire and clearly protected speech. Which must be why the Times-Picayune chose to republish the video on their own YouTube account. Because it is an intelligent commentary and sincere request for an 8/29 Commission.

The ASCE won't be able to tell the Times-Picayune to take the video down.


D-BB, you'll be missing that 3rd Amendment when President Busharraf starts quartering troops in your house, so we don't have to quarter them over there. Those GI Joes can put away some grits and gravy!

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