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Oh, snap! Guess what I saw?

Pepe in the end zone!

Haven't heard that song in ages. Great for a Monday morning.


Yup, buh-bye to Blahblahblah.

Potential Mardi Gras outfit?

Be well. Be careful in New York South.


As is often the case, r was late arriving to the Superdome on Sunday. When the Saints came out for player introductions, I sent her a text, "Gold pants today. It's on, bitches!"

So... yeah... I noticed.

Nola Chick

I'd like to dedicate this one to #25.


I think it's Dave Barry who says America is a dirty cafeteria tray. If you tilt the tray down and away from you all the sleeze and scum runs into the corner. That corner is called 'Florida'.

Say hi if you are on the Atlantic coast between say, Cocoa Beach and Jacksonville.

Percy Marchand

After meeting several times for numerous hours with both remaining candidates in the District 95 race, I have chosen to give our full endorsement to UNA ANDERSON.

Although I have not always been on the same side with Ms. Anderson, she shows a genuine interest in coalition building in order to find the best solutions.

Ms. Anderson has committed to addressing many of the issues our campaign raised including, bringing a high school to the area and re-opening neighborhood schools, parks, and playgrounds.

She has also committed to addressing the needs of the entire district and being accessible and responsive to all constituents.

In addition to not being satisfied with Mr. Hines' responses to our questions and concerns (ie: no real education plan other than getting rid of the school board and allowing the governor or mayor to appoint all the members), we want to make a personal statement to Mr. Hines. Money does not entitle any individual to any more rights, privileges, votes, or endorsements when it comes to public service.

There is no question that Mr. Hines wants this position and has and will continue to work hard to attain it. The question is why he wants it and what he will do if he gets it.

I was also disappointed with Mr. Hines absurd accusation that the only reason I am endorsing Ms. Anderson is because "she promised her seat on the school board" to me. As I am sure you all are aware, Ms. Anderson does not decide who takes her place on the school board.

The fact is that I am more comfortable with Ms. Anderson. There are no party affiliation concerns, she has a comprehensive platform, and she has developed long-standing relationships across the district. I can not say the same for her opponent.

I ask that everyone who supported me strongly consider Ms. Anderson - the clear choice for State Rep. - District 95.


Thanks for all your support.

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