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You are not a pseudonym, but are you one of those internet weirdos. My mom calls us boggies. She can't quite wrap her mind around the word blog.

daddy o

Didn't she specifically mention Latoya Cantrell as someone she would like to see involved in NORA when asked about that?


Oy, photographic evidence. The woman's political career, what there was of it, is toast.


Yes, she did mention LaToya, and I commend her for that. The membership of that committee needs to be drastically reworked for it to be representative and effective, and LaToya is the obvious first choice.

Dump Cowen, Couhig, and Lagarde to start, and replace them with Everson, Gadbois, Tim Green, and Cantrell.

More here:

In fact, read the whole damned issue:

We tried to draft Cantrell to run...but it just didn't happen.

Now, Ms Boulet needs to say things like that in front of real journalists, not inconsequential peons like me.

Ms Boulet will also run into quite a hornets nest when she starts talking about her smaller, denser city. That is just a PR disaster waiting to happen. The idea that we would abandon, say, Pontchartrain Park is unacceptable, but if we get another flood in the next 3 years, it may not be able to be saved. It's not easy at all.

I hope she gives logical, well thought out answers that can actually be implemented. I really do.

She needs to show (to me, anyway) that she will not again make monumental errors in judgment, like endorsing Nagin. That's all I ask.


I'm more forgiving of the endorsement than you, just because most people have the ridiculous notion that also-rans need to endorse somebody. But I'll have trouble voting for her if she can't speak up about he reported disillusionment with Nagin. I understand that her position as a partner in a law firm makes her reluctant to burn bridges in public, but if she's inhibited as a private citizen, what can we expect from her on the city council?

More importantly, she spoke up to defend Nagin, calling him a great steward of the public purse, AFTER he more than doubled the cost of garbage collection. Nagin calls automated garbage trucks the cornerstone of the city's recovery and she praises his handling of city finances, if she can't explain that, it's a deal-breaker for me -- I'd even vote for Willard-Lewis first.

If she does those two things, I'll probably vote for her. I can't vote for a SOUL member like Bajoie. Nagin appointed Vassel to the Water Board to get another privatization vote. Might as well get Billboard Ben to run next time.

I assume you were joking about Suber, he has good ideas, but he also helped shout down an independent IG, if that's not enough, go back and watch Dambala's crime march video -- the guy complaing about the lack of attention for black victims had a legit beef, Suber just looked like a hater, IMO.

Puddinhead almost had be convinced that Johnson was the least likely to do harm. But, walking around the City Park golf course today, I remembered why I hate the expression "world class" and why I hope Boulet gives me reason to vote for her. I used to listen to his sports show and he always thought that anything from a proposed new golf course to a new stadium would be worth the cost if it was "world class." If Fielkow manages to keeps possession of his spinal cord, Johnson would almost certainly follow his lead on reform issues. But any time a developer says that something will be world class, Johnson will vote for his proposal. I can't wait to see our world class riverfront.


As always, David has more insightful analysis than I.

I forgot that Suber was the rabble rouser at the Shavers/Hill march. Mook. He just hasn't got a clue. In any case, his "new deal" would cost billions and billions, with no discernable funding source. Yeah. That'll happen.


Oh no, the photo of political death!


I'll echo BSJD's comment about Puddinhead's observation of Kaare Johnson being worthy of serious consideration, especially in this field. I don't have anything against the guy, and when I look at the other candidates, I'm shocked at how high he would rate on my list of "Do least harmers".

On the matter of Boulet not endorsing Landrieu, I would very much like a cogent explanation of why a competent candidate who loves the city and who doesn't say stupid shit and who vowed to do a nationwide search for a new police chief wasn't CLEARLY PREFERABLE to the incompetent laughingstock Ray Nagin.

For weeks and months I've tried in vain to get a cogent, rational explanation as to why Nagin wasn't OBVIOUSLY THE WORST CHOICE in the runoff. I'm sure I still wouldn't agree with such an argument, but none of the Enabling Endorses like Boulet would even offer one.

And if, a year after the election, you still view the choice between Nagin and Landrieu as essentially a toss up... that's shows an unforgivable lack of judgment in my view.


Was Couhig the only GOP running in the mayoral race? Yeah, other than Peggy. and by that I mean "officially GOP".

Are there any *declared* GOPs in the city council race? Nope, not a one. Although many of them have GOP positions on many issues.

Did Nagin switch parties before he ran for mayor? Yep, 'cause he knew a GOP can't get elected in a city-wide race.

Did Forman switch parties before he ran for mayor? Yep, 'cause he knew a GOP can't get elected in a city-wide race.

Oyster, I think many of the answers to your endorsement questions lie within these facts.

karen b

where's the mime getup????


Ashley, your explanation works for Couhig, but not for Boulet . A relative of hers tells me that she's always been a liberal Democrat.

Actually, Oyster, I was considering Johnson since he'd be a reliable reform vote. Then I remembered how ofter I heard him say things about "getting it right" by spending the few extra bucks to make it "world class." I'm afraid that he'd vote for anything that seemed like a good idea, that worries me for both buget reasons and preservation/development reasons.

daddy o

Ashley re: "a smaller, denser city." There is a big difference between calling for denser development along the river and abandoning neighborhoods as you suggest. There is a distinction. Boulet never suggested abandoning any part of the city, especially one with strong and deep roots like Pontchartrain Park. Hornets nest or not, she's sticking her neck out for what she thinks is right and talking like a real leader. The only other candidate that speaks with such conviction is Quentin Brown.

BSJD re: giving you a "reason to vote for" Boulet. How about recognizing that Boulet is the only candidate with extensive real world experience in large scale finance and has specific proposals to expand the city economically and make it greener?

Oyster re: unforgivable endoresements. Landrieu's concession: "There was a reason to run, perhaps it was not to win..." He ran a spineless campaign against a weak incumbent and deserved to lose. And who knows? Maybe it was that he was just too arrogant and ungentlemanly when seeking Boulet's endorsement and that's why he didn't get it. She's said publicly that she'd be the 5th reform vote on the council--isn't that enough or does she have to openly slander the man?


DaddyO, I am definitely not, in any way, suggesting we abandon any neighborhood. Re-read what I said. What I am saying is that any "densification" will put her in a hornets' nest, and she needs to realize that she needs to have good, solid answers to the inevitable questions that will come with these decisions.

Also DaddyO, I hope you can understand our trepidation. "She's said publicly that she'd be the 5th reform vote on the council--isn't that enough or does she have to openly slander the man?"

Well, she also said publicly: “I’ve talked to Mayor Nagin at length and I think he’s the man for the job.”

She said about Nagin: ""If he wasn't paying attention to the balance sheet, we would be having a whole different set of problems. He has been a good steward of the public money."

She also said about Nagin: "To suggest there's a devil-may-care attitude at City Hall is grossly unfair. Some people just come across as really cool and you can't tell how much they care. It's just a question of style. His manner is a little bit looser. He's not the kind of guy who will cry and show his feelings. If you're looking for displays of emotions, you won't find that here. But that doesn't mean he doesn't care."

She said at the debate, when talking about blowing millions of dollars to move UNO: "You know, Ray, cool cities have universities downtown, and cool universities are downtown."

DaddyO, you have to admit, with this track record, why should we take her statements on faith? She needs to a) tell the world why she endorsed See-Ray, and b) admit she made a mistake doing it.


Oh, and it ain't slander if it's fact.


I liked this gem from daddy-o: "He ran a spineless campaign against a weak incumbent and deserved to lose." There's another way of saying that: he ran a CLEAN campaign without smear-tactics. Saying Landrieu "deserved to lose" because he wasn't cut-throat is a retarded thing to say. The man is morally upright enough to recognize that ethics and morals should extend to political campaigns - something the "morally upright" candidates have no problem doing, Jindal especially with his "corruption" ads against his competitors. That's dishonesty.

Ashley, can you trace that IP directly from city hall or is it coming from campaign headquarters? I can't think of another reason for such a lying apologist.


Fifth reform vote on the council? I was talking myself into voting for her, now she's losing me. I can only assume that she's thinking of Carter as a reform vote. Before he amended the IG law, he helped weaken a proposal to limit what city council members could do with cars and other gifts. If she really thinks the council already has four reform voters, and she can't explain her utterly, incredibly, ridiculously stupid statement about the mayor being a good steward of city finances, I can't vote for her.

Christian Roselund

I thought you might be interested to know: in Friday's Times-Picayune, it revealed that Virginia Boulet has gotten $50,000 from LRA board member David Voelker.

Think she is going to be tough on Entergy? Think Again.

How about actually getting federal money to New Orleans? Well, if the LRA is any example, don't count on it.

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