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Excuse me, but I will not hear a word against Rip Torn. Torn was great in The Man Who Fell to Earth. Billy Bob Thornton WISHES he was Rip Torn. If Rip Torn was driving around drunk, he must have had a good reason.


How can any team be so careless as having two guys with the same name?


Ok, I'll take that trade-off.

Just so we're doing the butt-kicking in the end.


Even better: Beerman runs one back, but it gets called back because they had too many men on the field or an illegal block all the way across the field or something really dumb like that.

Howie Luvzus

I wanna cry.


Heh. I especially loved Rip Torn in the MIB films and in "Defending Your Life".


Rip's looking a little...well (sorry)ripped. You made me laugh out loud. Rip doesn't look he has any musical genes to pass along. You definitely got'em from a soulful musician.




Personally I think this is bull, TC was incredible back in the day, then ieamgs started populating the interface, not a big deal, eventually it became like any other browser based game, graphics started being more and more wide spread and eventually unnecessary features started being added (the chat tabs at the bottom of the page, java, etc.). I realize this is going to sound like nothing more than an older player bitching about how great it used to be back in the day but it was. TC had character, Torn seems to be doing nothing more than pandering to the lowest common denominator.That is my honest opinion and I'm sure I'll get plenty of haters but I had to say it. The above comments seemed like nothing more than a shallow circle jerk. I started playing this game in the final years of High School and am now well into college I'm probably just being nostalgic.

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