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Word up. No booing. Period. Unless it's at an official.


Not even Mare?

Ray Ward

Unlike the 700,000, I was not in Tulane Stadium for Tom Dempsey's history-making 63-yarder. But I do remember exactly where I was when I heard he made that kick -- In Harvey, Louisiana, on Apache Drive, walking westward. I remember knowing that Dempsey could make a 60-yarder; as I recall, he made a bunch of 50+ yard field goals that season before Tom Fears was fired and J.D. Roberts was hired.

Speaking of which, Tom Dempsey tells a funny story about that kick. With three seconds left, the Saints down by a point or two, and special-teams coach saying "Let's kick," J.D. Roberts thought they were going to punt. The special-teams coach had to tell him, "No, field goal!"

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