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Mr. Clio

What a nutty list of candidates.

Look, I'm over my Virginia Boulet days. She's really disappointed me.

So far I've narrowed my choices to Kaare Johnson, Thomas Lewis, and Quentin Brown. I'm a Quentin voter from way back.

Mr. Clio


Oh, and thanks for the links to the questionnaire. Based on the answers, Tom Lewis went way up in my book, and Kaare went way down.

Quentin was just what I was looking for. His business? "I own my on Larecare Serv."


LEWIS WENT UP WITH...sorry...Lewis went up with me, as well.

Kaare was so far down on my list, he had nowhere to go but up. guess he just handwrote the responses and mailed them in. It was probably up to some admin assistant to translate his handwriting. Straight up.


Hats off to ya for the excellent job on this homework assignment


OK, apparently I have to figure out a way to get on Kaare Johnson's friggin' payroll if I'm gonna be his blogosphere mouthpiece here. Look, pay no attention to anything that comes out of Johnson's mouth or how he answers written questions--the guy's an airhead. He may announce he wants to move the French Quarter out to New Orleans East so it will no longer be the home of not Don't even think of him as "Kaare Johnson, Candidate"...think of him as "Mr. Fourth Vote". LOL


OK, riddle me this. If Boulet had supported Landrieu in the run-off, would you consider voting for her? Because yeah, her Nagin stunt pissed me off, but other than voting for Quentin Brown as a "ha ha, get a load of the nutcase" joke, I'm having a hard time with any of these other people. Vassel, Butler, Cynthia, and Clarkson are all (ahem) "the politics of the past". Kaare, Suber, and Mama D are all a Kellog's variety pack of nuttiness.

I'm stumped. I hope the "mentor ship" is bringing a cargo of happy pills.


If Boulet had supported Landrieu in the runoff, I *may* consider her. She still had nutjob ideas like moving UNO, but man, her performance in the debate was so pathetic, so abysmal, it was obvious that she wasn't taking this stuff really seriously.

Read the candidates' responses to the LWV questions. Tommy Lewis moved from anonymous to probably my front runner. Hopefully the debate will give us a sane choice.

Banzai Bill

What a SORRY list of candidates....

I tried--I made phone calls and urged certain "friends" to run. Not a one would come forward--not-a-one. We won't have real change in this city unless we have a true change in not only the leadership but also in the laissez-fare attitude among the citizenry to get involved any farther than the voting machine--if that far at all....

If I were still in town, I would have run....

Oh well.....



...and I wouldda voted for you.

Vive La Vite

Are you kidding? Exactly what do you expect from a canidate? I tell you what I expect: support for the IG, ethical behavior, a recusal from conflicts of interest, someone who is responsive to emails and calls, someone unconnected to machine organizations, and someone who will call City Hall to account and make then do their work or find out why it isn't being done (and that includes making them account for every penny). I have no idea how that conversation goes past Kaare Johnson or Virginia Boulet. --- Sorry, Quentin Brown, have you seen this guy, has anyone? He seems like a great guy, and he does call people out, but he would add to the joke factor as far as national news outlets are concerned when it comes to NO.

Vive La Vite

Given my comments above, you can probably add Tommy Lewis to the list of reform candidates. - Really, who else is there besides those three? Johnson, Boulet and Lewis? Anyone?


Recusal from conflicts of interest? There goes half of the council right there. Real estate deals a plenty -- and that would disqualify Boulet as well. Pretty much 4 or 5 of the council members have their thumb in some kind of real estate deal somewhere.

I also expect a candidate who has a history of horrid judgment to address it: (read it thusly -- why in hell did Boulet endorse Nagin, why in hell did she become a Nagin apologist, and why should we think she won't make another bonehead decision like this again?)

Here's one test: who is the most honest candidate?

That's why I'm voting for Quentin.

Vive La Vite

Really - who's left who's had an interest in any RE deal not named CWL or CHM? the TP might like to know about that. --- Boulet endorsed Nagin, so did Couhig (on the right) and so did Watson (on the left). All 3 left disappointed. All 3 can be accused of believing Nagin would act on their demands for change. So, I would consider someone who has been to the edge with the Nagin administration, seen it and rejected it superior to someone who has never engaged anything or anyone, neither tried, nor failed, nor moved beyond his lawncare business. Again, Boulet is no Nagin proxy and she at least has a policy on him - VETO him and she is making clear that she is seeking a veto-proof majority of 5. Quentin Brown comes out, correctly perhaps, and says she only is distancing herself because she endorsed him. So we have one candidate (Boulet) who says "veto" the mayor and Brown who does not say what he will do.


LaVite, read the comments here:

There's a lot of duplication between what you have said here and what Daddy O said there, and BSJD and Oyster and I lay out why, even though Boulet has *said* better things this time, her actions are conflicting her words.

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