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F#ck the CC companies. That's unsecured debt. Time to wheel and deal.

Here's what I would try to do, although I've never done this with an estate involved (so don't treat this as legal or financial advice *wink*): Call the CC peeps and ask to speak to with the Manager who may transfer you to the Loss/Mitigation dept (or whatever they call it). Tell them your mother/sister is dead and she has all kinds of debts out the ying yang, and that there's complications galore regarding the settlement of her estate (especially perhaps outstanding medical bills, and judgments and other stuff that would come ahead of the CC companies). Would they be willing to write off 90-95 percent of what is owed if you would send them a certified check for the remaining 5 or 10 percent of the balance? Tell em you fear they might get nothing, when all is said and done, and it might take many months or years to settle. It's their choice: they can risk getting a sure thing now, or risk getting nothing at a later date. But you aren't going to waste a lot of time on the matter (and then go into why).

I'm working on the assumption that the estate worth more than the outstanding debts, or is at least worth more than what you might be able to settle the outstanding debts for.

Have a fax machine and copies of the death certificate handy.


Whoa. This is the place where the body was found, no? Her condo? So am I to understand Florida's Finest just thought to themselves "Meh, just leave the brown sugar where it's at." And it sat there for a week? Guh. They sure are on the ball down there in the Sunshine State, eh? Were they waiting on Crockett & Tubbs to come take care of it?


Oh. My. God.

This is horrible.

And the police are SUCH assholes. You could get some of that money back just from suing those bastards, if it weren't for the fact that it'd be money wasted and too much emotion invested.

I'm so sorry, Ashley.


I'm not a legal expert, but I think the credit card companies are *ucked. This is not your debt. I'm so sorry you're having to deal with all this.


Good luck with all of that, Hope it works out for you.

Howie Luvzus

Sorry Ashley. You need that birthday party when you get home don't you?

And I thought my week sucked.

Take care man.


That's awful. Sorry you had to go through that.


Sorry to hear about your troubles, Ashley. So many whammies in such a short time -- just focus on the blessings. How about throwing the stash on Eddie Jordan's lawn -- that seems to be a good place to hide illicit activity.


Man, that's rough. Really sorry you're having to deal with so much. Hope you get back to better times soon.


wow, Ashley you've been hit hard - way harder than anyone should ever be!!!
I actually got pounded by a Ford F150 rear ending me in my teeny white car at 40mph on I-10 and was cursing my luck but I now feel very fortunate.

My thoughts are with you and I'm so sorry you have to sort out all that mess!!! Take care


I can relate. My mothers an alcoholic and dying of advanced throat cancer. She got quarter of a million from my grandfathers passing. Guess where it all went?


ashley, i am so sorry. life takes some strange and bizarre turns. i hope you have people close to you to comfort you through all this. keeping you in my thoughts...and prayers, too, if that's okay by you.

those cops, however, can bite me.


My condolences, Ashley. Her last revenge. You get to clean everything up. Look on the bright side. The Saints will be playing the 49rs Sunday.


Wow, Ashley. This is so much to deal with. I'm sending you the good spirits.


Keep your head up, man.


I'm thinking about you. Let me know if there's anything I can do.

Nola Blogger

Best wishes, Ashley.

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