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"This blog does not allow anonymous comments." Feh. It also doesn't allow comments from those of us without Blogger/Google accounts. I certainly am not going to get one just to counter that "outrages" claim that "Ashley Morris" is a pseudonym (but of course, "amakaram" is someone's true and actual name, I'm sure).

karen b

Criticizing you for encouraging the citizens of New Orleans to make informed choices prior to voting....shame on you

guess she's afraid if people look into it they'll realize she's a poor choice.


Again, some NOLA Bloggers are not thinking this through.

This is the eve of what may be the most important election ever for us in South East Louisiana.

When have we (you) ever felt comfortable with any politician north of Laplace, Louisiana?

What politician north of Laplace has ever shown the heart for keeping our New Orleans Saints?

Do you understand that the majority of folks north of LaPlace could care less about us in South East Louisiana?

As for Foster Campbell, let’s set the record straight in this guy.

Campbell is going to get rid of the state income tax like the successful rich states have done. Has he checked the property tax rates of those other states?

He also plans to tax oil transported through our port. The Ports of Mobile and Galveston must be heavy contributors to Huey's... I mean Foster's campaign.

Seriously, you cannot support the rebuilding of S.E. La. and vote for Campbell. It is a contradiction in extreme terms.

If one must cast a vote against Jindal, at least vote for someone with interest in this area's recovery like Walter Boasso or John Georges and forget all the political bull shit.

Richard P.

I totally agree. Campbell's tax will have to be passed by the legislature and voters statewide first and then would probably be tied up for years in the courts. And then that isn't saying anything about what kind of effect there would be on business in the state.

Which is unfortunate because in other ways Campbell would seem to be very well credentialed and ready to be an effective governor.

Percy Marchand

Wow. I think back to where we started. I had $500 in my account and a crowded field of 8 candidates (two of which had access to huge war chest).

Against advisement, we worked on issues and developed a platform. Taking stands and offering solutions on issues (they say you lose votes by doing those types of things.

They said I was too young, didn't have enough money, and was an African-American candidate in a district with too many White voters.

Looking at last night's results I would think we proved them wrong. With our few resources, we were 223 votes away from making the run-off. We talked about issues, got many endorsements, and enjoyed support from all walks of life.

I hope this starts a change in what people think you need to be successful in campaigning. It's not what color your skin is, it's not how old you are, and it's not how much money you have.

Thanks to all of you who supported my candidacy, especially Ray and Ashley.

Let's make sure whoever gets elected to District 95 deals with the issues that affect our district. I'm far from giving up and I you all keep working too.

Thanks again,
Percy Marchand


well, u got what u worked for: Same and Old in the Council race. Many postk depressing days: Runoff between C Ray and Il Duce, same v. old; Corps announces no cat 5 levees; same v. old in council race, etc. Congratulations on your successful halting our recovery. What are we supposed to do now? Nether candidate has a vision and the only issue in the Council race of same v. old is RACE. Here come Jessie and Al. Who won? LIFE, Entergy, Nagin, the white supremacists, the luddites, the MFL's (tho in the bigger picture, the Family took a big hit with the loss of cousin Charlie), the power elite, the leftwing nihilists, and Acorn.

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