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ashley, i don't know if you write the code for your blog yourself, but something is up with the RSS feed - it's showing all the HTML tags in my reader. just a heads up.

and yeah, ugh, bollinger.

Mr. Clio

He's still got other stuff in NOLA, though. I honestly think Bollinger likes NOLA a lot.

At least he's not moving it to Mobile or Houston.


This is a loss for the city, for sure, but you can hardly blame them can you? With the MRGO closing, this facility on Jordan Rd. has no purpose. The ships it is made to serve can not get to the facility.


It all depends upon what an individual wants to give and sacrifice.

If it makes business sense, then I suppose it is what anyone would do; sort of like teaching in Chicago while living in Louisiana when LA faces a teacher shortage.


ec, you don't know what you're talking about. I'm a university professor, not a HS teacher. I'm not even certified for HS any more. And in case you didn't notice, Tulane and Loyola canned their CompSci programs, so there aren't any jobs here anyway.

But thanks for the slam.


What slam?

I don’t quite understand your defensive posture. Just as you, Bollinger is just seeking conditions that are more favorable for his economic well being. Not a thing wrong with that or what you are doing. Chill.

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