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A friend recently returned from Chicago and described it thusly: "all of the buildings were straight and no one in the street would talk to me."

Marco Romano

Jewel of a video. When they were in Albany last spring(?), I had never heard of Clint Maedgen. So when got up on stage and sang, he surprised me. One gutsy throat.


And Parkway is closed on Tuesday when Brocato's is open! They gotta work that out - it's too much of a tandem punch!


I am really sorry to hear about the speech therapy. My daughter also had chronic ear infections and some delayed speech. But here, the public school system provides speech therapy.


PS - of course we never got to take advantage of it because they canceled our appointment when she learned to pronounce the "s" sound.


I had speech therapy through my grade school Ashley, and it was excellent. If you can't get it privately, see what the schools are offering. I stuttered so badly I'd trip over a single word 10 times and they did such a good job in just a few years I was winning speech & debate tournaments in high school. I have yet to meet anyone who stutters or stuttered as badly as I did as a 3rd and 4th grader; watching the video of me doing the "news" at the La. Children's museum was painful. You might be pleasantly surprised with the school's options.

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