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Thanks for the reminder. Excellent work!


You really need to stop pussyfooting around, Perfesser. Take a stand...


Ginny's big plan was to move UNO *into* the CBD -- at the same time it was moving *out* as fast as it could?!:

My latest "Ralph Kramden" scheme -- no more half-baked than Ginny's, apparently -- is to convert that now-empty building into a center for the many nonprofit organizations that have been operating in the city these past two years. The nonprofit sector may not be as lucrative, or politically connected, as oil and gas, but it is 6% of the entire economy, and at this point, I'd take it. How about you?

P.S. In the event that the Council race devolves into a runoff between Ginny and Jackie "Wicked Witch of the West Bank" Clarkson, could we give G. a pass? Please?


I hate to say it, but between Patricia Clarkson's mom and Ginny, I'd go for Clarson.


If Boulet will go into some detail about her disillusionment with Nagin, she could perform a valuable public service by making the election a referendum on Nagin. I'll vote for somebody else in the primary, but it looks like Fielgood and Head are finally joining Midura in the council members with a backbone club. In the runoff, the most important thing will be getting a fourth person in that club. I'll vote for the candidate who looks more likely to be part of that club, no matter how distasteful. I'm hoping that it's Cantrell, because she seems like the best candidate and I don't want to see a 4-3 racial split. I'm 90% sure that Vassell wouldn't be part of that club, I don't know why so many people are ready to assume the best about an established pol like Bajoie. I'm not ready to assume the worst, I just don't understand the optimism about her.


She could, but I don't think she's disillusioned with Nagin.

After all, she got her consulting money from the city...that probably came with a gag order to keep her from saying anything bad about See-ray.

The only way I'd vote for Boulet, in any scenario, would be if she was running against Cynthia in the runoff.


I share the distaste (and more importantly, the distrust) of Boulet...but that particular "highrise condos on the Lakefront" proposal wasn't nearly as terrible as it was made out to be. It's not like they wanted to plop something down in the middle of Lake Oaks or Lake Vista; you have to make a fairly serious effort just to get to the land behind the FBI building out there. But I understand we're all supposed to be opposed to high rise buildings and/or condos just on principle no matter where they're proposed, so....


As per usual, puddinhead throws a wrench of logic and reason into my finely tuned machine of hyperbole and rhetoric. :^)

The deal is, I just don't like waterfront development that has to do with growing up and watching Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, Destin, and P'cola go from nice little beach towns to overdeveloped eyesores.

Also, I had a friend with one of the last camp houses out there on lake Pontchartrain, and was at a magnificent party there in mid-August 2005. Needless to say, the camp, and all the remaining camp houses on the Lake, were destroyed, never to come back again.

So for me, it's more sentimentality than anything on the high-rise issue. On everything else, she's unequivocally in the land of the mook.

Viv La Vite

Okay - so WHO are you recommending for At-Large? I find this opinion Boulet persuasive, but who's left that would vote for the IG and would not just be another machine fill-in? Kaare Johnson (kidding, but kind of serious because I'm rather out of ideas looking at the actual list of candidates).


Honestly, I'm waiting for the debates, to see if one of the "minor" candidates appears decent. At this point, I'm afraid my voting will be Quentin Brown in the primary and Clarkson in the runoff against Cynthia.

That being said, I know nothing about I'm waiting to see what she has to say. She may walk away with the election.


I grew up spending the last week of each summer at one of the Haynes Blvd. camps, and then spent just about every Sunday evening for a number of years prior to Georges at a friend's place across the levee from Lake Castle, so you're preaching to the choir, man. But in spite of the adversarial relationship with the Levee Board, it wasn't condo developers who took those camps away. As a Gentilly resident, I want the high-income residents, transient though many may be, who these projects would rely on in my neighborhood. Or rather, I want the services and amenities that high-income residents expect and demand in my neighborhood. I'd love for there to be some other shopping opportunies in Gentilly beyond Family Dollar and Boss Lady Urban Wear.

As for the council race...if you simply want competance and relative honesty, you can probably get that from Diana Bajoie. If you really want your assured "fourth vote", however...Viv La Vite's joking support for Kaare Johnson might not be that ridiculous after all. As a long-time listener of Johnson's (look, I used to really like sportstalk radio, OK? LOL) one thing I can say about him is that if he decides that someone else has things all figured out where he doesn't have to do that hard thinking stuff himself anymore and can just agree with the "expert", he'll jump at the chance. I can also say almost without hesitation that after the "getting fired for standing up to Benson over team relocation" business in the immediate post-Katrina months, Arnie Fielkow is someone that Johnson has a lot of respect for...probably to the point that he would gladly "follow the leader".

I don't really think Kaare Johnson is the kind of person I'd hunt out to serve as anyone's representative, much less my own, and he has no chance of garnering more than a smattering of votes. But I don't think you would get any hidden agendas, or secret alliance with any political machine. You'd have a not-too-bright guy with the city's welfare at his heart. And at least it would be a guy who recognizes he falls in that "not-too-bright" category, and embraces that. LOL


That's the best stumping for Johnson I've heard. Puddinhead should be Johnson's campaign manager...seriously.

And, he has a point. Unaffiliated, with NOLA's best interest at heart. There's probably about 3 candidates that fit that description.

Southern Leftist

Ashley, Bajoie is from SOUL. SOUL is Sherman Copelin's machine. Enough said.

Kaare Johnson is a Republican, running as an independent. Not necessarily a dealbreaker, but perhaps a reason for pause.


I must reject the offer to run Johnson's campaign; perhaps he can talk Daddy Phil into doing that for him. As for his "Republicaness"...I get the idea from having listened WAY too much to him that he's probably registered Republican because Daddy Phil is probably Republican and because he hadn't figured out that he could change his affiliation to Independant when he filed moreso than because he clings to any of the tenets of the national Republican Party. But that's just a guess. I only meant to imply that he seemed to me to be a pretty malleable character who already seemed predisposed to follow Arnie's lead.


Great googly-moogly. Sigh. Well, this confirms that my choices are, until the debates at least, Quentin in the primary, and Clarkson in the runoff.

For entirely different reasons, I don't think either one could be bought. Straight up.


Ashley said: "Great googly-moogly. Sigh. Well, this confirms that my choices are, until the debates at least, Quentin in the primary, and Clarkson in the runoff.

For entirely different reasons, I don't think either one could be bought. Straight up."

That is down for posterity, Ashley! If I see a corruption probe in 2011 on Clarkson I am so pulling it on you.


Not corruption, but maybe evil for evil's sake.


Before anyone does something they might later regret (at the voting poll, that is ;-P ), I feel it is my obligation to share this tidbit from N.O. political history.

Back when the District C seat last came open before last year (1990?), there was a similar mad scramble for the open seat. Naturally, it came down to a runoff, between Larry Bagneris Jr., who is, I believe, now the city's human relations commissioner, and (obviously) Clarkson, then not even "Patricia's mom" because Patricia had not yet hit the big time.

Mr. Bagneris was attempting to become the country's first Black and openly gay elected official. (Disclaimer: I pounded a fair amount of pavement on his behalf, to no avail.) This left Clarkson in somewhat of a dilemma: stick with the tried 'n' true subtle race-baiting, or boldly strike out on a pioneering path of subtle gay-baiting. What to do?

She chose the latter, running with the slogan "Traditional Values Make The Difference". Exactly what "traditional values" would those be? Support for the embattled family farmer? Increased funding for band concerts in the town square? Or was that just a coded way of saying "Don't vote for the other guy because he's gay"? What a mook.

If it comes down to Mom O' Patty vs. another member of the Mook Party such as Boulet, I hereby endorse None Of The Above, whose post-election party would feature at least a six-pack of Abita and an old Rads tape cranked up nice and high.

Viv La Vite

Where is all this going? Perhaps I have misread the inclinations of the blogger here. Seemingly admirable, it seems to fall into a round of consideration of those who helped put this City exactly where it is. In trouble. Clarkson? Bajoie? And you think Boulet betrayed the city by signing up to work with Nagin? If Boulet comes out and says she supports the IG to the hilt (i.e. fully funding, ensuring fully independent powers (not the Council review procedure installed by none other that O. Thomas)I'll vote for her. If Clarkson we'll do that let's here it loud and clear from her and now; but still as part of the old guard, it is time for her to go.


I am having a very difficult time stomaching people like Oyster and Ashley Morris who sit on their behinds and shoot off their criticism of others. When was it that they had the guts or stamina, resources or backing to consider putting it all on the line and running for political office. Never, never, never.... and yet they feel that they have the right to judge and attack the character of Virginia Boulet, who for no other reason than caring about New Orleans, jumped into a campaign for mayor, so that she might apply her obvious skills and connections in a more useful way, to help turn New Orleans around.

These ignorant souls would have you believe that Miss Boulet should be given single-handed credit the election of Ray Nagin because, although the woman could not get herself elected, it would be her endorsement that would be uniquely responsible for the election of Ray Nagin in the runoff of 2006. Hogwash!

This notion is not only preposterous (that is silly, ridiculous, outrages, laughable), it is equally ignorant of any facts. To suggest that someone who could not get elected themselves has the power to sway the public to another direction when they had no luck in convincing the public that they themselves were “electable,” shows how very little these “criticism mongers” know about anything, let alone running for political office.

If Virginia Boulet thought for one moment that Ray Nagin was the best person for the job, she would not have run for office in the first place. Virginia Boulet thought that she could serve New Orleans’ needs better than could Ray Nagin. She obviously thought this before she decided to run, while she ran, and probably still does. If not, why subject herself to more ridicule from pseudonyms like Oyster and Ashley Morris? Only one possible answer. Attempting again to put herself in the best position that she can in order to help re-direct the city she loves.

When Virginia Boulet launches her website for City Council At-Large, just read about who the woman is and what she has done. Then compare her accomplishments to the profiles of Oyster and Morris. Shame on them!


So now Ashley Morris is a "pseudonym"? Just when we got that pesky gender confusion issue cleared up, now this... it's "outrages"!


When a commenter named "amakaram" chastises Ashley Morris for using a pseudonym, it's time to get out the tin foil hat.

Boulet endorsed Nagin.

I don't need somebody with that record of bad judgment representing me in a tiddleywinks contest, let alone city council.


Oh, and I read "who the woman is and what she has done" on her VB4mayor webpage. She's been a lawyer puppet for big oil.

Heckuva job, Ginny.


OK, I admit it. "Ashley Morris" is a pseudonym. You nailed me, amakaram.

My real name is Piyush Morris.


To my critics:

Ashley herself admits that she uses a pseudonym and I didn't chastise her either - my point was simply that Virginia Boulet is promoting her message in public using her real name campaigning on things she believes in and trying in the best way she knows how to work with a flawed system for the betterment of New Orleans.

This is not a career politician as are Nagin and Landrieu and she did (does) not have the millions of dollars to work with to provide her with the best political consultants to direct every situation, every campaigning decision - this is NOT a politician, but a lay person working in a political system where she makes mistakes. Notwithstanding, she continues to try, with her only ambition being to contribute to the recovery of her home city - New Orleans.

In my opinion this group is wrong for continuing to criticize her attempts to make things happen. Take a look at Louisiana's political history and cry - we could certainly not do worse by electing a non-politician who genuinely cares about our city's future.

As for the 'lawyer puppet for big oil' crack - if that is all that you see in her accomplishments, then thankfully many do not suffer from your prejudice towards lawyers. Virginia has more recently been named both Louisiana Super Lawyer and Woman of the Year - your slant is hardly worth considering. If Virginia cared only about lawyering for big oil, she would hardly have time or waste her time on any public office resulting in the ridicule that she has been subjected to in an attempt to help New Orleans recovery... she'd move to Houston.

Ashley, no offence was intended regarding your use of a pseudonym, as I said, that was not my point. Thank you for your clarification. However, it was not necessary.

Whether or not you agree with everything that Boulet has done, and I personally don't agree with every choice that she has made, however, I realize that we are blessed to have her working on our behalf - and without pay. How can we fairly criticize her attempts to promote our recovery with her ideas, when we (ourselves) cannot match her efforts on any level.

We are all just Monday morning 'quarterbacks' airing our opinions (mostly negative) without any personal investment of our own and without focus to the valuable effort that a person like Boulet provides at no charge! Agree or disagree with her, but remember to say "thank you Virginia," for all that you have tried to do for us.

As for your opinions, you are welcome to them, as I am of mine. However, until we are willing to put our own personal lives on the line and spend our own personal efforts in the public view, working as hard for our recovery as Virginia Boulet has, we should be mindful of how "cheap" our criticisms really are.

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