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Thanks for reminding me that I need to replenish The Cars, post-Federal Flood. Can't leave that outta my collection.


The signature Hawai'i stringed instrument is called the 'ukulele ("jumping flea"), pronounced "oo-koo-LEH-leh". One local manufacturer, Kamaka, makes some that sell for thousands of dollars each. Perhaps Mr. Hawkes should get himself hooked up with one, if he hasn't already.


It's Jake Shimabukuro playing ukulele on 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps'. He's got a lot more great music on YouTube. Here's The Beatles 'In my life' on ukelele.

I like ukelele music more and more every day. It's beautiful and a reminder that making things more complicated doesn't mean they improve.


Jake Shimabukuro update: I was on my way to make groceries at the Japan-owned store down the block (called "Don Quijote"!!) when I noticed a large knot of people gathered around the entrance. After suitably cursing them out for blocking my way, I realized that they were there to hear... Jake Shimabukuro, live in front of the supermarket! And y'all thought that was the kind of thing that only happened in the home town!See, Honolulu doesn't completely suck after all!

For the record, he did a couple of Dylan covers (remember, Dylan is nearly as much of a New Orleans fanatic as we are), but really shone on... an obscure Zep cover (!!), "Goin' to California"!


Way cool.

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