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Mr. Clio

Oh, man. It hurts.

Well, at least we have strong levees, restored wetlands, and competent leadership.

Oh, never mind.


Always look for the sliver lining... the paper bag that I am clearly destined to wear for the remainder of the season will cover up my baldness quite nicely, and without the expense, upkeep, and fear of ridicule involved with a rug.


quite depressing - made even worse by the fact I had to waste three hours of picture perfect weather indoors getting more and more depressed......

do you think a game at home might improve things or wake 'em up - or are they really clones and not the real Brees, Bush and MacAllister????

Ray Ward

Adversity can be a good thing. Now we'll find out what kind of character these guys really have. As for the fans, now we'll find out who's a true believer and who's a fair-weather fan.


We'll never get our brand out there in the news if we keep dropping games this bad....

Our secondary looks like it was assembled by the Army Corps of Engineers. We have first-down protection...

Philly is undertaking a huge experiment to combat violence. Is it worth trying here in Kville?


At least we don't have to worry about peaking early.


Ugh. NOT the news I wanted to hear after coming home from California.

At least I don't have to worry right this second about the world possibly ending if the Saints win the Super Bowl...

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