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Damn it. Is there a plan D?




I was really hoping for the return of Morten. I think he'd be a good combo with strong-legged O'Mare.


David Beckham, y'all. His wife would fit right into New Orleans, at the very LEAST.

Ray Ward

Love Morten. Hate the Falcons. Damn the cognitive dissonance!

Richard P.

Plan D: bring Mora back for another "coulda, woulda, shoulda" speech.


It's only 2 games.

They can still come back and win some.

Right? Right???

Oh well at least they're not threatening to leave right now. If only we could get the Hornets to leave and bring back the Brass.


Matt, I like the way you think.


Good lord, we haven't even had our first home game yet! Don't bust out paper sacks just yet. They just need a good boost from us in the Dome on Monday night and it'll be all good.

Chef Who Dat

yes, Michelle. There is a plan D. We already discussed it. Meet outside the red valet carpet on October 7 before the Carolina game. Mare gets "borrowed" for a five-minute private meeting with anyone who pays less than $40 a game to sit in the Upper Terrace. Tweezers are involved. That man-strip Olindo calls his soul patch gets slightly edited. Mare responds by drilling a 59-yard field goal, four extra points, and actually puts the ball through the end zone. Oh yeah, and he cries a little.

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