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Mr. Clio

Pierre is the dude.

I was kind of hoping Reis would make it, seeing as how he's the first Saints DB to have an interception since like 1978.


Pepe won't stick.

I guy on the radio offered "PT Cruiser". Maybe.


Damn! I was looking forward to Dudley - I watched his hits as he plowed people over with great joy. True we do have Carney, but I would have liked to have made room for Dudley on special teams or something. He coulda been "little Carney".


Interesting cuts to say the least. Booh ya is right!


Congrats to Pierre, and congrats to you Ashley for your boy making it.

I'm a little flummoxed by the decision to keep four TEs. I really like John Owens, actually, but even given the injury issues at that spot, TE just doesn't seem to be an important enough position in the Saints offense to warrant four. I mean hell, if it came to it, stick Zach Strief as a tackle-eligible for whatever portion of one game you have to. And it would require three injuries just to get to that point in the first place.

I also worry about the future of Steve Gleason now. Sure, Bellamy probably won't be around next year. But between Reis AND Curry Burns (assuming both end up on the practice squad) or even just one or the other, is there going to be any room for Gleason next year? I'd hate for The Ayatollah to go out like this.


I was right. 4 TEs didn't last long. Now we have 5. 5 TEs on the active roster of 53...


Alls I know is that once Pierre has an explosive burst in the Dome I'm gonna be yelling, "Allez Pierre!! Allez!".


You have no idea how disappointed I was when I found out the Montreal Canadiens fans screamed "GO HABS" instead of "ON VA" or "ALLEZ HABS" or something like that.



We kept Dudley on the practice squad! All is right with the world (of football).

Also kept Reis and Palko, so smart additions.


Obviously I don't get all of the technical end of this slide show, but I love the humor you inoptcorare into it.Operating one of these mobile devices while *driving*?!? It's pretty much impossible to fail gracefully while operating an automobile and an electronic device at the same time. I don't care how good at multitasking you *think* you are, the risks far outweigh the rewards, and studies show that people who do this are just as bad as drunk drivers. But some people just have to learn that the hard way.


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