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So that's what happened to the REAL Iron Chef. Ugh . . . you have no idea what my house is like. My four year old BEGS for that big-mouthed freak all the time, and if I hear her say "my big cajun daddy" one more time I'm really going to lose it. Yes, kill the network until they find some real shows again. It's always the same we're on the road looking for good food crap. Why don't you people do what you should be getting paid for and cook something?


There is always Nigella....


This is where the Travel Channel and "No Reservations" comes in. That and "French Chef" reruns, because nothing says irreverence like Julia Child dropping fresh poultry on the floor, picking it up, then cooking with it anyhow.


You know Varg, between Giada and Nigella, I'd have to go for the English Muffin.


I agree, although I would like the sampler plate if possible, including Barefoot Ina (who I'm convinced has a saucy side) and the Naked Chef's wife Jools.


Ina Garten? You're a sick, sick man. Next thing, you'll be talking about being in a hot tub of clarified butter with Paula Deen.


As much as his regional show pissed me off, the Good Eats shows are still good. I only watch what my tivo filters out for me anyway though, so I'm rarely at the mercy of the programmers.


I still watch Alton Brown. I think he and Colbert are my favorite two people on TV. That is... when Reggie Bush isn't playing, of course.


I'm liking Top Chef (on Bravo) these days. Can't believe you guys haven't mentioned Padma Lakshmi...


Livin in K-Ville


"Next thing, you'll be talking about being in a hot tub of clarified butter with Paula Deen"

Now you're talking! Variety is the spice of life, and I think we just brainstormed a way to get the Food Network's ratings back.


Paula Deen was talking about avocados on her show one day and how she used to not like them at all. "Then I found out they're full of fat, so I thought I'd give them another chance." I heart that woman.


I see Fine Living has been showing more Molto Mario now - any idea if that's going to continue or if that gets the ax as part of FLN diss?

They're really expecting a lot from Emeril and Alton, aren't they?


I totally heart Paula Deen. Any woman who can discuss college football and salmon croquettes in the same breath is worth her weight in platinum.

I'm just sayin'.

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