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Okay, I'll petition Sharon Jones to rework "Taxes": "What if we all/Stopped paying insurance?"

Mr. Clio

Holy shit.

karen b

This is why I can't come home.

Francis Morere

I have Farmer's too- The increases are earily similar. I called Farmer's and after much back and forth with them, they told me that if I become a "preferred" customer, I could get a reduction. All it took was a call from my agent to get the "preferred" status. They ended up knocking $1,000 off the bill. While $3,900 is a lot for insurance, it's still cheaper than $5,000.


Greedy douchemooks.


I can't get Farmers insurance at any price.


Ouch. I'm counting my blessings.


Francis, I called my agent and tried that, and they said I was in the "ultra premium" tier, and they can't do any better than this.

They also said that other than the FAIR plan, they didn't know of anybody writing insurance in Orleans parish.


My 2007 premium with Farmers was over $6,200, up from about $2400 in 2006.

Your premium with Farmers is just about what I am now paying to FAIR.

Paul S. Pierce

That ain't shit.

2005 Farmers - $2400
2006 Farmers - $4000
2007 Farmers - $11,000

So, 2007 Fair Plan - $5,000


Paul, you seem to be the winner so far. My FAIR plan quote was $5300, and that's with lower liability coverage.

Marco Romano

Insurance companies from hell have an open check book. FYYFF


AIG is writing in the parish, I just signed up with them, it was around $5500K. Also after great effort I got a quote for Republic for similar amount, but with less coverage.


Called State Farm 2 days ago for quote on transferring auto & renters from IL to LA. Didn't hear back, so called agent-to-be today to follow up. Problem is I called 2 hrs after 11am -- the time they stopped writing policies because of this pseudo-storm. So everything I own and that I still owe money for is conveniently temporarily uninsured. nice. real nice.


I was burgled last week. They broke into my garage and stole the wheels/tires and cat. converter off a classic BMW I had stored. We didn't have car insurance as the vehicle was stored and not used.

Farmers originally said they'd cover it, but this morning they called and said if the parts were in the back seat, and they were stolen, they'd cover it, or if the parts had been removed and stacked next to the car, they'd cover it, but since the parts were bolted to the car, they were requesting I withdraw the claim. I refused, so they're issuing a denial.

Contacted the insurance commissioner and they're looking into it.

This is the second claim they've denied. Years ago I had tools stolen from a house I was remodeling. They said they'd cover it if I'd slept in the house. I had the neighbors swear out an affidavit that I had, and sent pictures of the bedroom/bed I slept in, but they denied the claim stating I couldn't prove I'd slept in the house...

I know this site is mainly about the rising costs of insurance, but that's nothing compared to the frustration of trying to collect a claim from these crooks.

Just paid off my mortgage, so I'm cancelling my policy.

F*ck Farmers...!

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