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Richard P.

Perhaps the main mook-you-haven't-mentioned is Charlie Foti. Why? Breaux should be running for governor -- a prospect that everyone knows scared the Republicans and Jindal to death. Breaux would be polished, articulate, authoritative and everything that Jindal wishes he was but isn't. Jindal talks fast and has his Ivy League degree but Bush has an Ivy League degree, too, so maybe that doesn't mean so much. Why couldn't Foti tell it like is, as in that the state constitution hardly prohibited Breaux from being able to run?


The residency requirement was a legitimate hurdle, which I wish could have been dealt with earlier. Maybe Breaux will wisen up and move down here permanently before the next governor's race so we put him in office. As it was, and the reason Breaux did not run, he viewed it as a weakness which Jindal could have attacked and stood a good chance of winning, all on the technicality of residency. Instead, he bows out so he doesn't distract from the other dems in the race to provide a clear platform for them to at least challenge Jindal.

Richard P.

If Jindal wins then he will have the advantage of being an incumbent the next time around. Now, I suspect that Jindal will disappoint a lot of people when he really has to face up to being governor and doing all the things that the governor has to do without being able to hide like he has throughout his campaign but then being an incumbent still gives him a lot. Ergo, Breaux's better shot to win might not be the next time around.


You mean like Blanco's incumbency power?

Richard P.

Blanco has been an easy person for many to dislike. I personally feel that many have been too hard on her. One suspects that these people find her an easy target because she's a woman and because she's a Democrat, albeit a Louisiana-type Democrat rather than one who's more stridently liberal, and then if they can blame then that gets Bush off the hook some. If Jindal had been governor and there had been the same miscues at the state level I strongly doubt that the same critics would have been nearly as hard on him. Especially outside of metro N.O. this is a pretty red state. Seriously we all know an incumbet governor who talks that language will get the benefit of the doubt in lots of ways that Blanco was never going to get (look at Foster running for re-election, for instance). Now, I don't believe that Jindal will be that impressive. Let me be clear on that. I just can't see him becoming easier to beat (I hope I'm wrong).

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