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Our military citizens are definitely the ones footing the bill for this war. God bless their fortitude and their duty.


Amen. Them and their families.


The phot breaks my heart, it reinforces my feelings that there is no excuse for war.


someone needs to blow up this photo and bring it to jenna bush's wedding.


What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!

(See, non-New Orleanians can on occasion make decent music. I am told that there is even edible food in places like Europe!)


They needne28099t even care for all equally fnkraly, so long as they do care. That's pathetic. I'm sure certain slave-owners cared for their slaves, to a degree. Some humanists.You may take your caring and deposit it where the sun don't shine. For now, it's worthless.Justice is composed of suffrage, law, rights, due process, responsibilities and so on. Caring not required, just liberty. You ERR in describing me as not caring about Palestinian deaths. Prove it.


i was thinking about all this after i posetd my comment. *earlier, in another post we talked about this. i wholeheartedly agree that we need more options. private and public. everyone has different needs and different incomes. what really bothers me are the insurance companies and the drug companies. i've been battling them for quite a while now. thieves.


Misty and Justin,What a beautiful wednidg you had. I wish that I could have been there. Our very best wishes to both of you for a lifetime of happiness. I know you are enjoying Hawaii! BE SAFE! Love to you both,Uncle George and Aunt Becky

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